Chemistry Online Quiz For SSC CGl,SSC CHSL,RRB Exams

1. The properties of elements of Mendeleev’s periodic law were the periodic functions of their?
A) Atomic number
B) Atomic weight
C) Mass of the atom
D) Shape of the atom
Answer: B

2. The long form of periodic table was developed by?
A) Bohr
B) Mendeleev
C) Range and Werner
D) Rutherford
Answer: C

3. The long form of periodic table is based on?
A) Electronegativity
B) Mass of the atom
C) Shape of the atom
D) Atomic number
Answer: D

4. Modern periodic table is based on atomic number of the elements. The significance of atomic number was proved by the experiment of?
A) Moseley’s work on X-ray spectra
B) Bragg’s work on X-ray diffraction
C) Mullikan’s oil drop experiment
D) Discovery of X-ray by roentgen
Answer: D

5. All the elements in a group in the periodic table have the same?
A) Atomic weight
B) Same number of valence electrons
C) Atomic number
D) None of these
Answer: B

6.The most electro negative element among the following is?
A) Chlorine
B) Oxygen
C) Fluorine
D) Sodium
Answer: C

7. The element that has the highest first ionization potential is?
A) Boron
B) Nitrogen
C) Oxygen
D) Carbon
Answer: B

8. Which among the following has the highest ionization potential?
A) Li
B) B
C) Ne
D) F
Answer: C

9. The electron affinity of chlorine is highest than that of fluorine due to?
A) Its highest reactivity
B) Bigger size
C) Difference in their electronic configuration
D) Smaller nuclear charge

Answer: B

10. Electron affinity of noble gases is?
A) Almost zero
B) Low
C) High
D) Very high
Answer: A

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