Chemistry Online Questions For SSC CGL,CHSL,RRB Exams


1. The discovery of neutron became very late because?

 A. It is present in nucleus
It is a fundamental particle
 C. It does not move
 D. It does not carry any charge

The answer is (D)

2. The three basic components of an atom are?

 A. Protons, neutrons and ions
 B. Protons, neutrons and electrons
 C. Protium, deuterium and tritium
 D. Protons, neutrinos and ions

The answer is (B)

3.Rutherford’s scattering experiment related to the size of the?

 A. Nucleus
 B. Atom
 C. Electron

The answer is (A)

4. Nucleons are?

 A. Protons and neutrons
 B. Neutrons and electrons
 C. Protons and electrons

 D. Protons, neutrons and electrons

The answer is (A)

5. The position and velocity of a small particle like electron cannot be simultaneously determined this statement is?
 A. Heisenberg uncertainty principle
 B. Pauli’s exclusion principle
 C. Aufbau principle
De-Broglie wave nature of electron
The answer is (A)

6.In a given atom, no two electrons can have the same value for all the four quantum number. This is called?

 A. Hund’s rule
 B. Pauli’s exclusion principle
 C. Uncertainty principle
Aufbau’s principle

The answer is (B)

7. The standard state in chemical energetics implies?

 A. 1 atm pressure at 273 K
 B. 1 atm pressure at 298 K
 C. 1 bar pressure at 298 K
1 bar pressure at specified temp
The answer is (D)

8. For which one of the following elements, the standard enthalpy is not zero?

 A. C (Diamond)
 B. C (Graphic)
 C. Liquid mercury
Rhombic Sulphur

The answer is (A)

9.  Which has maximum calcific value?

 A. Fat
 B. Protein
 D. Amino acid

The answer is (A)

10. Born-Haber cycle is used to determine?

 A. Electronegativity
 B. Lattice energy
 C. Both
None of the above

The answer is (B)

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