Misscelliouns Gk Questions For SSC CGL,CHSl,Railway NTPC Exams

1. High dipole moment of water (1.03D) justifies that?
A) It is not a linear molecule
B) It has higher density than ice
C) It is neutral towards litmus
D) It is a universal solvent
Answer: A

2. Which one of the following is used in making pencils?
A) Charcoal
B) Bone black
C) Black ash
D) Graphite
Answer: D

3. Silicon exhibit diagonal relationship with?
A) Be
B) B
C) C
D) N
Answer: B

4. Who is known as the saint of the gutters?
A) B.R.Ambedkar
B) Mother Teresa
C) Mahatma Gandhi
D) Baba amte
Answer: B

5. Mallika sarabhi is associatyed with which of the following fields?
A) Social service
B) Classical music
C) Classical dance
D) Sports
Answer: C

6. Dr.joon lew of korea the recipient of international Gandhi award is known for his service in which of he following?
A) Eradication of leprosy
B) Campaign against AIDS
C) Elimination of child labour
D) Fight against drugs
Answer: A

7. The television was invented by?
A) James Russell
B) John loge baird
C) Berliner
D) Marconi
Answer: B

8. The first person out of tata family who has been selected to head the tata group after rattan tata is?
A) O.P.Bhatt
B) Cyrus mistry
C) Kumar mangalam biral
D) Noel tata
Answer: D

9. Who discovered the X-rays?
A) Rose Ronald
B) H.C.Urey
C) W.K.Roentgen
D) G.Marconi
Answer: C

10.  Which one of the peaks did phu dorfee the first Indian woman climb without oxyzen?
A) Mt.everest
B) Mt.kanchenjunga
C) Mt.anna puran
D) Mt.makalu
Answer: A

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