History Gk Quiz :: SSC CGL CHSL And Railway NTPC Exams

1.In which of the following years, the battle of buxar was fought ?
A)    1764
B)    1766
C)    1767
D)    1761
Answer: A

2.Which one of the following places was famous as capital of tipu sultan ?
A)    Srirangpattam
B)    Gulbarga
C)    Hampi
D)    None of these
Answer: A

3.Tipu sultan died fighting the english forces under ?
A)    Lord cornwallis
B)    Lord wellesley
C)    Lord dalhousie
D)    Lord hastings
Answer: B

4.When did the british government start ruling india directly ?
A)    After the battle of plassey
B)    After the battle of panipat
C)    After the war of mysore
D)    After sepoy mutiny
Answer: D

5.Who issued firman granting diwani of bengal, bihar and orissa to the english ?
A)    Ahmed shah
B)    Bahadur shah
C)    Farrukhsiyar
D)     shah alam II
Answer: D

6.Who was the first indian native ruler to accept the system of subsidiary alliance ?
A)    Scindia of gwalior
B)    Nizam of hyderabad
C)    Dalip singh of punjab
D)    Gaikwad of baroda
Answer: B

7.The state of jansi was made a part of the british empire in india through ?
A)    The policy of doctrine of lapse
B)    The policy of subsidiary aliance
C)    Mayo’s provincial settlement
D)    War against gangadhar rao
Answer: A 
8.The founder of the autonomous kingdom of avadh was ?
A)    Shujauddaula
B)    Saadat khan burhan-ul-mulk
C)    Safdarjang
D)    Sher shah
Answer: B

9. Who among the following was the first governor general of bengal ?
A)    Robert clive
B)    William bentick
C)    Marquess wellesley
D)    Waren hastings
Answer: D

10.By which one of the following acts did the governor general of bengal became the governor general  of india ?
A)    The regulating act
B)    The pitt’s india act
C)    The charter act of 1793
D)    The charter act of 1833
Answer: D
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