History Gk Questions For Railway,SSC CGL,CHSL Exams

1. The president of the Indian national congress in 1885 was?
A) George yule
B) Dada Bhai naoroji
C) W.C.Bannerji
D) W.Wedderburn
Answer: C

2. Who among the following was NOT present in the founding session of Indian national congress?
A) Dada Bhai Nairogi
B) G.Subramaniya lyer
C) Justice ranade
D) Surendranath bannerjee
Answer: D

3. Who was the first indian to become member of the British parliament?
A) Badruddin tyabji
B) W.C.Bannerjee
C) D.N.Wacha
D) Dada Bhai naoroji
Answer: D

4. In which year the Indian national congress was established?
A) 1888
B) 1887
C) 1886
D) 1885
Answer: D

5. Who was the viceroy of India at the time of the formation of the Indian national congress?
A) Curzon
B) Canning
C) Lworence
D) Dufferin
Answer: D

6. Who wanted Indian national congress to be a safety valve?
A) A.O.Hume
B) Lord lytton
C) W.C.Bannerjee
D) Surendranath bannerjee
Answer: A

7. Who among the following was NOT a moderate?
A) Bipin chandra pal
B) Feroz shah mehta
C) Surendranath bannerjee
D) Gopal krishna gokhle
Answer: A

8. When was founded the Indian association?
A) 1876
B) 1884
C) 1887
D) 1890
Answer: A

9. Who was called grand old man of India?
A) Dadabhai naoroji
B) Jamshedji tata
C) Surendranath bannerjee
D) C.Rajagopalachari
Answer: A

10. Who among the following, rejected the title of knight hood and refused to accept a positon in the council of the secretary of state for India?
A) Motilal nehru
B) M.G.Ranade
C) G.K.Gokhle
D) B.G.Tilak

Answer: C
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