Gk Questions Asked In Today (07.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-3 /Slot-3

(7th April 2016) GK Questions Asked In RRB Railway Exam Shift-3 are listed below.

If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section. 
 We Have Once Again Come Up With Railway CBT Exam General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) NTPC CBT Exam Shift- 3 (7th April  2016)

Gk Questions Asked In Today (07.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-3 /Slot-3

1. U-17 football world cup Venue?
Ans: India

2. Chicken pox vaccine name?
Ans: Varicella

3. Hridayanth mangeshkar award 2015 winner?
Ans: AR Rehman

4. hirakud dam located on which river?
Ans: Mahandi

5. Mount kilimangaro sitauated in which countery?
Ans: Tanzania

6. polio vaccine was invented by?
Ans: Albert sabin

7. My stamp services lanuched in mumbai post office for what purpose?
Ans: for porsanalized sheets of postage stamp

8. Ellora caves constructed in which century?
Ans: between 6th and 10th century

9. where was Golf invented?
Ans: Scotland

10. the 95th constitution Amendment was?
Ans: To extand the period of reservation to 2020

11. Shape of orbits of Plant?
Ans: Elliptical

12.Popular dance of Tamilnadu state?
Ans: Bharathanatyam

13. World health day celebrates on?
Ans: 7th April

14. Transistor invented in the year?
Ans: 1948

15. Lingraj Temple is situated at?
Ans: Bhubaneswar

16. Rural Development Institute is situated at?
Ans: Hyderabad.

17. Mansarovar Lake is situated at?
Ans: Tibet

18. Which is laughing gas?
Ans: Nitrous Oxide  

19. Normal blood pressure of human body is?
Ans: 80/120

20. Who is the composer of Raghuvamsam?
Ans: Kalidash

21. Who was given the statement ” Every citizen of our country is corrupted”?
Ans: Lord Cornwallis

22. What is the Currency of Myanmar?
Ans: Kyat

23. Sardar Sarovar Pariyojana is belongs to which state?
Ans: Gujarat

24. World Population Day is observed on?
Ans: July 11th 

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