Geography Quiz RRB NTPC,SSC CGL,CHSl Exams

1. The largest producer of mil in the world is?
A) Brazil
B) America
C) India
D) Japan
Answer: C

2. Weber’s model of industrial location has been usefully applied to interpret the changing location of the british?
A) Iron and steel industry
B) Cotton textile industry
C) Ship building industry
D) Heavy engineering industry
Answer: A

3. Augusta and Atlanta, the two important cotton textile centers are located in?
A) South Carolina
B) Massachusetts
C) North caroline
D) Georgia
Answer: D

4. The country well-known for its small precision high cost inductrial goods is?
A) Poland
B) Switzerland
C) France
D) Germany
Answer: B

5. The classical model of industrial location theory in which least cost approach is of primary consideration is recognized as the location theory of?
A) Weber
B) Smith
C) Isard
D) Fetter
Answer: A

6. Which one of the following has influenced most the location of industries in the world?
A) Water
B) Petroleum
C) Coal
D) Natural gas
Answer: B

7. The largest producer of paper in the world is?
A) Canada
B) Japan
C) Sweden
D) U.S.A
Answer: D

8. Which of the three countries were members of European free trade association (EFTA) when it was founded in 1960?
A) Italy, Belgium,spain
B) Hungary, finland, spain
C) Austria, Denmark, Norway
D) The Netherlands, france, Romania
Answer: C

9. Among the following which country is reliant on a single export of oil/ petroleum?
A) South Africa
B) Zimbabwe
C) Namibia
D) Nigeria
Answer: B

10. The prime meridian passes through?
A) Paris
B) Greenwich
C) New York
D) Delhi
Answer: B

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