Geography Gk Quiz:: Railway SSC CGL CHSL CPO Exams

1.Which of the following is not used to measure the weather?
A)    Thermometer
B)    Barometer
C)    Altimeter
D)    Anemometer
Answer: A

2.Which one of the following is NOT included in earth’s climate system?
A)    Atmosphere
B)    Solar sphere
C)    Hydrosphere
D)    Solid earth
Answer: B

3.Which one of the following is NOT a significant natural cause of climate change?
A)    Erosion of the land
B)    Plate tectonics
C)    Volcanic activity
D)    Solar variability
Answer: A

4.The chemically inactive gas present in atmosphere is?
A)    Nitrogen
B)    Argon
C)    Water vapour
D)    Oxygen
Answer: B

5.Along with carbon dioxide,……… is largely responsible for the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere?
A)    Hydrogen
B)    Nitrogen
C)    Sulfur dioxide
D)    Water vapour
Answer: D

6. When determining climate change, oxygen isotope measurements are made from an analysis of?
A)    Ocean water
B)    Cores from old trees
C)    Glacial ice
D)    Lava
Answer: C

7.The primary effect on climate of a volcanic eruption depends on?
A)    The quantity of lava produced
B)    How hot the eruptive products are
C)    The amount of water vapour produced
D)    None of the above
Answer: D

8. Which of the following is a possible consequence of a gree house warming?
A)    Alteration of the world’s water resources
B)    New weather patterns
C)    A rise in sea level
D)    All of the above
Answer: D

9.The slow wobbling of earth as it spins on its axis is called?
A)    Precession
B)    Aphelion
C)    Extension
D)    Eccentricity
Answer: A

10.Which one of the following is a significant contributor to increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide?
A)    Refrigerant leakage
B)    Large rice paddies
C)    Aerosol spray can gases
D)    Deforestation
Answer: D

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