Economy Quiz For SSC CGL,CHSL,Railway NTPC Exams

1. Which among the following sectors contributes most to the saving in India?
A) Banking and financial sector
B) Private corporate sector
C) Export sector
D) Household sector
Answer: D

2. The term plastic money applies to?
A) Bank draft made of plastic coated paper
B) Currency notes impregnated with plastic thread
C) Currency notes printed on plastic coated paper
D) Credit cards mainly issued by the banks
Answer: D

3. Governmentof India, for the first time nationalized 14 large commercial banks in the year?
A) 1956
B) 1959
C) 1969
D) 1971
Answer: C

4. PAN card issued by the income tax department cannot be used for which of the following purposes?
A) Proof of identy
B) Proof of a registered tax payer
C) Proof of address
D) Proof of date of birth
Answer: B

5. Mohammad yunus who has been awarded Nobel peace prize  in 2006 is a citizen of?
A) Bangladesh
B) Iran
C) Malaysia
D) Pakistan
Answer: A

6. Which bank became the first bank to open its branch in china?
A) IDBI Bank
B) HDFC Bank
C) State bank of India
D) Punjab national bank
Answer: C

7. Which among the following is an asset for a commercial bank?
A) Credit to farmers
B) Deposit of public
C) Borrowings from RBI
D) Demand deposits of industries
Answer: C

8. The banks are required to maintain a certain ratio between their cash in hand and total assets. This is called?
Answer: D

9. The interest rate at which the reserve bank of India lends to commercial banks in the short term to maintain liquidity is known as?
A) Interest rate
B) Repo rate
C) Bank rate
D) Reverse repo rate
Answer: B

10. Which one of the following banks give long term loans to agriculture?
A) State co-operative bank
B) Commercial bank
C) Primary credit society
D) Land development bank

Answer: A
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