Daily English Vocabulary practice Words for SBI,SSC CGL

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As you all know that many exams have lined up and you all must be aware of the fact that SBI Clerk-2016 for the Next Month. So SSC-IBPS team has decided to launch certain things that will not focus on any particular exam. In fact it will be relevant for all exams that is going to be held in upcoming months.                                          
1. Extol (verb) -To praise highly
The statesman extolled the ambassador who single-handedly negotiated the peace treaty.
Synonyms: glorify, exalt

2. Facade (noun) -false or superficial appearance
Emily's smile is just a facade masking her broken heart.
Synonyms: mask, deceit

3. Fidelity (noun) -State of being faithful
Unlike her fickle friend Benjie, May Belle was known for her fidelity.
Synonyms: loyalty ,devotion

4. Finite (adj) -Having definite limits
The exasperated mother had finite patience for her toddler's tantrums.
Synonyms: limited, circumscribed

5. Flagrant(adj) -Noticeably offensive
The executive was fired for his flagrant abuse of the company expense account.
Synonyms: glaring, outrageous

6. Flaunt (verb) -To display showily
Sheila, who could not resist bragging, flaunted the"A"marked on her test paper.
Synonyms: parade, brandish

7. Flaw (noun) -An imperfection
The otherwise perfect diamond had a tiny flaw that reduced its value.
Synonyms: defect, blemish

8. Flourish (verb) -To make bold, sweeping gestures
The fairy god mother flourished her wand and turned the pumpkin into a carriage.
Synonyms: brandish, wave

9. Foil (noun) -One that enhances or under scores by contrast
The sweet cookie was a perfect foil to the sour lemons or bet.
Synonyms: complement

10. Fragile (adj) -Delicate
Jade placed the fragile vase out of reach of her rambunctious boys.
Synonyms: frail, brittle

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