Daily English Vocabulary Practice Words For SBI,IBPS Exams

1. Implement (v& n): a tool or instrument

Ex: The management implements some changes in the company to enforce displine.
       Implementation of various policies requires rigorous discipline at all levels.

2. Adequate: sufficient, Equal

Ex: Raw material is not adequate to meet the needs of the industry.
       Adequate security arrangemaents are made to avoid any untoward incident.
3. Accountability: a liability, responsible

Ex: Politicians have ultimate accountability for the people.
      Every financial company should stand for its accountability.

4. Likely: probable

Ex: He is likely to come at any moment.
       It is likely to rain.

5. promulgate : publish,make known

Ex: The organisation did not promulgate the terms of the contract to the employees.
       Finanicial emergency has never been promulgated in india sofar.

6. Intention: wanton

Ex: It was not my intention to hurt your feelings.
      People judge you by your actions, not by your intentions.

7. Deplete: pour out

Ex: Ozone layer is depleting fast due to excessive pollution.
       Destructive thoughts deplete your energies.

8. Regularisation: make regular

Ex: The regularisation of pay scale was appreciated by all.
       Regularisation of the unauthorised colonies was a problem to the municipality.

9. Entrust: put into the care

Ex: They entrusted their childern her care for the day.
       He was entrusted with some urgnt confidential work.

10. Irrevocable: unchangeable,unalterable

Ex: Our fate is queite irrevocable.
      The past is irrevocable and the future is unpredictable.

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