Daily English Vocabulary (16-04-2016) Practice Words SBI,SSCCGL,IBPS Exams

1. Due: owing.
Example: the project had to abandoned due to lack of government funding.
             We have to give due respect to elders.

2. Regard: respect, consider.
Example: I had a great regard for his abilities.
            I regard him as my father.

3. Arduous: difficult.
Example: she felt that the project was arduous to finish on time.
            The job of a traffic police is quite arduous.

4. Orator: a good speaker
Example: Mr. winston churchill was a good orator.
            Mr. venkaiah naidu impresses people with his oratorical skills in pulbic meetings.

5. Scholar: a person of deep study and learning ,
Example: Our ancient education was rich to produce great scholars.
             Dr. C.V Raman was the most distinguished scholar in his filed.

6. Gaze: a steady look.
Example: he gazed at her.
             Astrologer gazed at my palm for a few seconds.

7. rthodox: customary.
Example: he is very orthodox in his views.
            She comes from an orthodox family.

8. Sort (n): kind , variety.
Example: what sort of music do you like ?
             If you wait a moment, I will sort it for you. (v)

9. Complicate: make difficult.
Example: she developed complications after the surgery.
            Nothing is more complicated than a human brain.    

10. Immerse: plunge, skin, dip.
Example: rani and raja are immersed in conversation.
            To forget aliments, we must immerse ourselves in more than usual work.

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