Computer Knowledge Quiz For SBI,NABARD All Upcoming Exams

1. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the ………
A) Compiler
B) Loader
C) Operating system
D) Assembler
E) None of these
Answer: C

2. The combination of operating system and processor in a computer is referred to as a computers ………
A) Firmware
B) Specifications
C) Minimum requirements
D) Platform
E) None of these 
 Answer: D

3. What is software?
A) A type of computer code
B) A computer language
C) A set of instructions for your computer
D) A cover for the computer
E) None of these
Answer: C

4. What are two example of freeware?
A) WinZip and Linux
B) Shareware and file sharing
C) Microsoft word and the google toolbar
D) Instant messaging and the google toolbar
E) Microsoft power point and Microsoft excel
Answer: D

5. Vendor-created program modifications are called ……
A) Patches
B) Antiviruses
C) Holes
D) Fixes
E) Overlaps
Answer: A

6. Every computer has a (n) ……; many also have …….
A) Operating system; a client system
B) Operating system; instruction sets
C) Application programs; an operating system
D) Application programs; a client system
E) Operating system; application programs
Answer: E

7. Which of the following is not a type of computer software which can be bought?
A) Off-the-shelf
B) Tailor-made
C) Custom-developed
D) Off-the-shelf with alterations
E) All of these can be purchased
Answer: E

8. Computer software can be defined as ………..
A) The computer and its associated equipment
B) The instructions that tell the computer what to do
C) Computer components that act to accomplish a goal
D) An interface between the computer and the network
E) The interaction between the computer and its database.
Answer: B

9. Computer equipment itself is called ….
A) Hardware
B)  Byte
C) Mouse
D) Software
E) Default
Answer: A

10. A …… is the general term for hardware not necessary to the basic function of the computer connected extremely.
A) Icon
B) Bit
C) Keyboard
D) Printer
E) Peripheral
Answer: E

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