Chemistry Gk Quiz For SSC CGL,Railway Ntpc,CHSl Exams

1. Epichlorohydrin is?
A) 3-Chloropropane
B) 3-chloropropan -1-01
C) 2-chloromethyloxirane
D) None of the above
Answer: C

2. Ether show isomerismwith?
A) Alcohol
B) Acid
C) Halide
D) Aldehyde
Answer: A

3. At roomtemperature, formaldehyde is?
A) A gas
B) A liquid
C) A solid
D) Not known
Answer: A

4. Formaline is the commercial name of?
A) Formic acid
B) Fluoroform
C) 40% aqueous solution of methanol
D) Paraformaldehyde
Answer: C

5. Tollen’s reagent is?
A) Alkaline mercuric chloride
B) Alkaline potsssium permanganate
C) Ammoniacla silver nitrate
D) Ammonium citrate
Answer: C

A) Magenta solution decolourised with sulphurous acid
B) Magendta solution decolourised with chlorine
C) Ammoniacla cobalt chloride solution
D) Ammonical manganese sulphate  solution
Answer: A

7. Fehling’s solution is?
A) Acidified copper sulphate solution
B) Ammoniacal cuprous chloride solution
C) Copper sulphate and Rochelle salt +NaoH
D) None of these
Answer: C

8. A plastic Bakelite is a compound of HCHO with?
A) Benzene
B) Phenol
C) Ammonia
D) Hydrocarbon
Answer: B

9. Urotropine isfromed by the action of ammonia on?
A) Acetaldehyde
B) Formaldehyde
C) Acetone
D) Phenol
Answer: B

10. Which of the following is used as a hypnotic?
A) Paraldehyde
B) Metaldehyde
C) Acetaldehyde
D) Formaldehyde
Answer: A

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