(4th April 2016) Today GK Questions Asked In RRB Railway Exam-2016 Shift-1/Slot-1

(4th April 2016) GK Questions Asked In RRB Railway Exam Shift-1 are listed below.

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 We Have Once Again Come Up With Railway CBT Exam General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) NTPC CBT Exam Shift-1 4th April  2016 

Gk Questions Asked In Today (04.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1 /Slot-1

1.Which of the folloing names is Nilanjana sudeshna, an Indian American Author popularly known as? 
Ans: Jhumpa Lahari

2.Who was charles correa?
Ans: Architect

3.When is Earth Day Celebrated?
Ans:April 22(www.ssc-ibps.com)

4.In July 1905, who ordered the partition of Bengal :
Ans:Lord Curzon(www.ssc-ibps.com)

5.Kangchenjauga is?
Ans: Third highest mountain in the world(www.ssc-ibps.com)

6.Who is PV Sindu?
Ans: Badminton Player

7.Galvanization is a process in which a layer of zinc is put on iron objects to prevent them from….. Rust
Ans: Air & Water

8.What do the terms Geocentric and Heliocentric refer to :
Ans: Earth centered, Sun centered(www.ssc-ibps.com)

9.What did Dmitri mendeleev formulate?
Ans: Periodic Table(www.ssc-ibps.com)

10.What does DNA Stands for in Biology?
Ans: DEOXYRIBO NUCLEIC Acid(www.ssc-ibps.com)

11. NASA, the US space agency is planning to move from earth orbit to space area surrounding CISLUNAR Space :
Ans: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

12. In September 2015 NASA scientists found evidence of flowing water on which planet outside Earth?
 Ans: Mars

13.As of January 2016, where is ISRO Head quarters?
Ans: Banglore(www.ssc-ibps.com)

14.What was the first football player from the Indian Sub continent to play for a European clib?
Ans: Mohammed saleem

15.What is the name of the parent company of Google, formed on 2nd october 2015?

16.What are the 4 key element of amino acids?
Ans: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon(www.ssc-ibps.com)

17. What is Electron?
Ans: –ve(www.ssc-ibps.com)

18. Name India’s First Satellite?
Ans: Arya Bhatta(www.ssc-ibps.com)

19. Who was named as the cultural ambassader of seychelles in october 2015?
Ans: AR RAHMAN(www.ssc-ibps.com)

20. Which year was the economic liberalization in India Initiated?
Ans: 1991(www.ssc-ibps.com)

22. Which two Indian citis, were added to the creative city network of UNESCO in Dec 2015?
Ans: Varanasi, Jaipur(www.ssc-ibps.com)

23. What is the name of the Tablet computer produced by Data wind which is promoted by the GOVT of India as part of an e-learning program?
Ans: Aakash(www.ssc-ibps.com)

24. Who replaced viscount Louis Mount batten as the governer general of Indian?
Ans: C. Raja Gopala Chari(www.ssc-ibps.com)

25. What is the Laccadive Sea otherwise known as?
Ans: Arabian Sea

26. What is the unit of length used in formally to express astronomical distances?
Ans: AU(www.ssc-ibps.com)

27.What does the Victoria Memorial Monument Located At:
Ans: Kolkata(www.ssc-ibps.com)

28.The purple frontier, the Earth dragon and the outer fortresses, all refer to :

Ans: Great wall of china

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