(22nd april 2016 1st Shift)RRB NTPC GK Questions Paper & Answers

We Have Once Again Come Up With  (22nd April 2016 Shift-1) RRB NTPC GK Questions Asked Paper Shift-1.22nd April 2016 Today RRB NTPC GK Questions Asked Paper in 1st shift  questions.

 (22nd April 2016 1st shift ) RRB NTPC GK Questions Today's 1st Shift Questions are listed below.

1.Gold is Soluble In ?
Ans: Aqua Regia

2.The International Renewable Energy Agency Headquarter?
Ans: Abu Dhabi

3.Malleable refers to?
Ans: ability of a metal to be hammered into thin sheets

4.Who won Arjuna Award 2015 in kabaddi ?
Ans: Manjeet Chillar

5.Which Is Not A Board Game ?
Ans: Bridge

6.First Women Boxer To won Gold Medal in Asian Games?
Ans: Marycom

7.Who Is First Indian to Go Space ?
Ans: Rakesh Sharma

8. Which Organisation Held Cricket World Cup ?
Ans: ICC(International Cricket Council)

9.Which Sports game played by Lalita Babar?

Ans: Athletics

10.What is the rank of Mukesh Ambani in Forbes global richest person list 2016?
Ans: 36

11.Blue Ray Disk refers to which of the following?
Ans: Storage Disk

12.Who won Best Actor award in 88th Academy awards ?

Ans: Leonardo Di Caprio

13.An Important movement by Mahatma Gandhi?
Ans: Satyagrah Movement

14.What is normal temperature of Human body?
Ans: 370C (OR)  98.60F

Ans: Vitamin A

16.somanath temple located At?
Ans: Gujarat

17.Oldest bank in India
Ans: Bank Of Hindustan

18.Victoria fall located At?

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