RRB NTPC Exam- 2016 :: Practice Bits Set 14

1. The value of k for which the system of equations x+2y = 5, 3x+ky+15 = 0 has no solution is
            A) 2
            B) -2
            C) 6
            D) -6
            Answer: C

2. The difference between the selling price of a shirt sold at profits 15% and 17% is Rs 3. Then, the cost price of the shirt is
             A) 175
             B) 180
             C) 200
             D) 150
             Answer: D

3. If the radius of a circle is increased by 10%, the n the percentage of increase of its area is
            A) 17
            B) 12
            C) 21
            D) 15
            Answer: C

4. The compound interest on Rs 3000 at 7% per annum for a certain time is Rs. 4347. The time is
             A) 2 yr
             B) 2.5 yr
             C) 3 yr
             D) 4 yr
             Answer: A

5. In a circle of radius 21 cm, an arc subtends an angle of 720 at the centre. The length of the arc is
             A) 13.2 cm
             B) 19.8 cm
             C) 21.6 cm
             D) 26.4 cm
             Answer: D

6. From the following alternatives select the word which can be formed using the letter of the given word                                           EXPERIENCE
Answer: A

7. If TALENT is written as LATENT, how EXOTIC can be written in that code?
            A) OXOTIC
            B) TEXTIC
            C) OXETIC
            D) EXOTIC
            Answer: C

8. Find the wrong number in the given number series
          2, 10, 30, 68, 120, 222
A)    68
B)     120
C)    30
D)    222
Answer: B

9. Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
            _bc c_a abc_ baa b_
A)    acbc
B)     abac
C)    abcc                Invented Measurements 
D)    acac
Answer: C

10. If Grinder is coded as 7654326, how is RENDER code in that code?
             A) 642356
             B) 624536
             C) 624326
             D) 623426
             Answer: C

11. The place which has the longest day and the shortest night on 22nd december is?
A)    Chennai
B)    Madrid
C)    Melbourne
D)    Moscow
          Answer: C

12. Which countries are separated by the 49th parallel?
A)    USA and canada
B)    USA and Mexico
C)    France and germany
D)    Russia and china
           Answer: A

13. Amir khusrau was a famous court poet of?
A)    Akbar
B)    Adauddin khilji
C)    Mahmud ghazanvi
D)    None of these
           Answer: B

14. Alauddin khalji captured the delhi throne after securing fabulous wealth from?
A)    Chanderi
B)    Gujarat
C)    Deogiri
D)    Madurai
          Answer: C

15. Who of the following was a contemporary of chingiz khan?
A)    Mahmud ghazanvi
B)    Iltutmish
C)    Alauddin khalji
D)    Mohammad –bin-tughlaq
           Answer: B

16. Who among the following gave first the experimental value of G?
A)    Newton
B)    Cavendish
C)    Galileo
D)    None of these
           Answer: B

17. The escape velocity from the surface of the earth does not depend on?
A)    Mass of the earth
B)    Mass of the body
C)    Radius of the earth           Vocabulary Practice Bits
D)    G
           Answer: B

18. Which one of the following disease caused by bacteria?
A)    Small pox
B)    Mumps
C)    Leprosy
D)    Asthma
           Answer: C

19. Gamma rays are?
A)    High energy electrons
B)    Low energy electrons
C)    High energy electromagnetic
D)    High energy positrons waves
           Answer: C

20. The fuel in atomic pile is?
A)    Carbon
B)    Sodium
C)    Petroleum
D)    Uranium
           Answer: D

21. The second five year plan was based on?
A)    Mahalanobis model
B)    Vakil and brahmananda’s wage-goods model
C)    Harrod-domar growth model
D)    Solow growth model
          Answer: A

22. Where is the hosting the world cup T-20 this Year?
             A) England
             B) Pakistan
            C) India
            D) None of the above
            Answer: C

23. Which directive principle bears the direct impact of gandhi’s  moral philosophy?
A)     Equal pay for equal work
B)    Provision of free legal aid and advice
C)    Prohibition of the slaughter of cows
D)    Protection of the moments of histrical importance
           Answer: B

24. In which one of the following  is promotion of international peace and security mentioned in the constitution of india?
A)    Preamble to the constitution
B)    Directive principles of state policy
C)    Fundamental duties
D)    The ninth schedule
           Answer: B

25. Acid rain is caused by the pollution of environment by ?
A)    Carbon dioxide and nitrogen
B)    Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
C)    Ozone and carbon dioxide
D)    Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide

           Answer: D

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