RRB NTPC Exam - 2016 :: Online Practice Set - 17

            1. Which one of the following statements regarding water cycle is correct?
A)    Transpiration by plants does not contribute to cloud formation
B)    Only evaporation of surface water of rivers and oceans is responsible for cloud formation
C)    Rainfall does not contribute in maintenance of underground water table
D)    Underground water may also be connected to surface water
Answer: D

            2. The grand canyon is on the river?
A)    Ohio
B)    Mississippi
C)    Colorado
D)    Columbia
Answer: C

            3.  Rath temples at mahabalipuram were built in the reign of which pallava ruler?
A)    Mahendravarman
B)    Narasinghvarman I
C)    parameshwarvarman
D)    nandivarman I
Answer: B

            4. Which one of the following chola kings conquered Ceylon(sinhal) first?
A)    Aditya I
B)    Rajaraja I
C)    Rajendra
D)    Vijayalaya
Answer: B

            5. The distance between two crests in a wave in given by?
A)    Its KE increases
B)    Its total energy increases
C)    Its total energy decreases
D)    Its total momentum decreases
Answer: A

            6. A light body A and a heavy body B have equal kinetic energies of translation then?
A)    A has larger momentum than B
B)    B has larger momentum than A
C)    A and B have same momentum
D)    None of these
Answer: B

            7.  Panchayati raj system in india is laid down under?
A)    Fundamental rights
B)    Fundamental duties
C)    Directive principles of state policy
D)    Election commission act
Answer: B

            8. Equal pay for equal work has been ensured in the indian constitution as one of the ?
A)    Fundamental rights
B)    Directive principles of state policy
C)    Fundamental duties
D)    Economic rights
Answer: B

            9.   In exo-biology we study about?
A)    External structure of living beings
B)    Life present on the earth
C)    Life present in the other layer of earth atmosphere
D)    Life found in space and on other setallite
Answer: D

            10.  Flowering plants are grouped under?
A)     Cryptogames
B)    Phanerogames
C)     Bryophytes           Detailed About Vitamins 
D)    Pteridophytes
Answer: B

            11.  A bond formed by sharing of electrons between atoms of the elements is called?
A)    Ionic bond
B)    Covalent bond
C)    Co-ordinate bond
D)    None
Answer: B

            12.  Molten NaCL is good conductor of electricity is due to?
A)    Free electron
B)    Free ions
C)    Free molecules
D)    None
Answer: B

            13.  Which one of the following statements is NOT true?
A)    Prime minister is the chairman of the planning commission of india
B)    The national development council is presided over by the prime minister of india
C)    Secretary of the planning commission is also the secretary of the national development council
D)    Planning commission is the highest decision-making body for planning in india
Answer: D

            14.  The final authority in india to adopt the five year plan for the country vest in?
A)    The planning commission
B)    The national development council
C)    The union cabinet
D)    The parliament                 Short Cuts Time And Work 
Answer: B

            15.  Bhopal gas tragedy struck in the year 1984 due to the leakage of the following gas?
A)    Methyl-iso-cyanate
B)    Nitrous oxide
C)    Methane
D)    Carbon monoxide
Answer: A

      16. Claudia Ruiz-Massieu Salinas is Foreign Minister of which of the following countries and visiting India recently?
A) Russia
B) China
C) Mexico
D) South Africa
Answer: C
      17. India’s first Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme has been launched by which state?
A) Kerala
B) Rajasthan
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Delhi
Answer: D

       18. In a certain office, 1/3 of the workers are women, 1/2 of the women married and 1/3 of the married women have children. If ¾ of the men are married and 2/3 of the married men have children, then what parts of workers are without children?
A) 5/18
B) 4/9
C) 11/18
D) 17/36
Answer: C

       19. If in a certain code HYDROGEN is written as JCJZYSSD, then how can ANTIMONY be written in that code?
Answer: B
       20. A sum of Rs. 7000 is divided among A,B, and C in such a way that the shares of A and B are in the ration 2 : 3 and those of B and C are in the ration 4 : 5 . the share of B is
            A) RS. 1600
            B) Rs. 2000
            C) Rs. 2400
            D) Rs. 3000

            Answer: C

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