RRB NTPC EXAM - 2016 :: Online Practice Bits Set - 16

            1. 12 sphere are of the same size are made from melting a solid cylinder of 16 cm diameter and 2 cm height. The diameter of each sphere is
      A.    2 cm
      B.    4cm
      C.    3 cm
      D.    4 cm
      Answer: A
            2.  If the compound interest on a certain sum for two consecutive years is Rs. 220 and Rs. 242, then the rate of interest per annum is
      A.    8 %
      B.    10 %
      C.    11 %
      D.    12 %
      Answer: B

            3. Two men start together from the same place in the same direction to go round a circular path. If one takes 10 min and the other takes 15 min to make one complete round they will meet after
A.    30 min
B.    33 min
C.    40 min
D.    45 min
Answer: A

            4. The product of two numbers 4107, if the HCF of the numbers is 37, the greatest number is
A.    185
B.    111
C.    107
D.    101
Answer: B

      Directions (5-9): Each of the following idioms/phrases is followed by four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses its meaning.

            5. To kick the bucket
A.    To be energy
B.    To hurt your self
C.    To die
D.    To hurt somebody
Answer: C

            6. To call on
A.    To criticize
B.    To visit
C.    To abuse
D.    To consider
Answer: B

            7.  To play off old scores
A.    To take revenge
B.    To pay your debt
C.    To be punished
D.    To meet an old friend
Answer: A

            8. To come home to
A.    To repent
B.    To resist
C.    To be happy
D.    To understand
Answer: D

            9.  To be in high spirits
A.    To be talkative
B.    To be uncontrollable
C.    To be cheerful
D.    To be drunk
Answer: C

            10. 13: 19:: 127:?
A.    151
B.    167
C.    181
D.    201
Answer: C

            11. Virus is said to be?
A)    Living
B)    Nonliving
C)    Transitional group between living and nonliving
D)    Living that cannot be multiply
Answer: C

            12. Bacteria do not possess?
A)    Plasma membrane
B)    Cell wall
C)    Mitochondria
D)    Ribosomes
Answer: C

            13.  Which one does not contain hydrogen bonding?
A)    HCL
B)    HBr
C)    HF
D)    HI
Answer: C

            14.  NaCL has?
A)    Covalent bond
B)    Ionic bond
C)    Co-ordinate bond
D)    none
Answer: B

            15.  Rourkela steel plant was set up with the assistance from
A)    USSR
B)    West germany
C)    USA
D)    UK
Answer: B

            16.  The major emphasis in the first five year plan was on?
A)    Agriculture
B)    Employment generation
C)    Industry
D)    Export promotion
Answer: C

            17.  Oceanic waves caused by an earthquake are known as?
A)    S-waves
B)    L-waves
C)    P-waves
D)    Tsunamis
Answer: D

            18.  The deepest oceanic trench mariana is located in?
A)    Atlantic ocean
B)    Arctic ocean
C)    Pacific ocean
D)    Indian ocean
Answer: C

            19.  Ramayan the tamil version of the great epic Ramayana was made by?
A)    Kamban
B)    Avvaiyar
C)    Ilango adigal
D)    None of these

            20.  The two kingdoms established by the Indians in indo china included?
A)    Champa and kamboja
B)    Champa and srivijaya
C)    Srivijaya and kamboja
D)    Svarnbhumi and champa
Answer: A

            21.  The shape of a rain drop is spherical due to?
A)    Viscosity
B)    Surface tension
C)    Elasticity
D)    Gravitation
Answer: B

            22.  A block of ice is floating in a glass containing water. When the ice melts completely the level of the water in the glass will?
A)    Rise
B)    Fall
C)    Not change
D)    None of these
Answer: C

            23.   The articles of the constitution of india which deal with directive principles of state policy are?
A)    26 to 41
B)    30 to 45
C)    36 to 51
D)    40 to 55
Answer: C

            24.  Who of the following appointed as the Chairman of 21st Law Commission of India (LCI)?
A) UK Sinha
            B) TS Thakur
            C) RS Sharma
            D) justice Balbir Singh Chauhan
            Answer: D

            25.   Centre has decided to implement Direct Benefit Transfer system in ten states this year including Odisha from?
            A) 1st March
            B) 1st May
            C) 1st April
            D) 1st June
            Answer: C

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