RRB NTPC Exam - 2016 :: Online Cbt Practice Bits Set - 15

             1. The chapter on fundamental duties includes?
     A)    Duty to cherish and fallow the noble ideals which inspired our freedom movement
     B)    Duty to vote in general election
     C)    Duty to promote the sense of fraternity among the people
     D)    Duty to stick to the political party on whose ticket one contested election
     Answer: A

             2. In which of the following years the fundamental duties have been added to the existent fundamental rights in the constitution of india?
      A)    1965
      B)    1976
      C)    1979
      D)    1982
      Answer: B

             3. The pressure in a liquid at a given depth below the surface?
A)    Is always exerted downward
B)    Is the same in all directions
C)    Equals the total weight of liquid above the depth
D)    Depends upon the amount of liquid below the depth
Answer: B

             4. It is easier to swim in a sea water than in ordinary water because?
A)    Atmospheric pressure is highest at sea level
B)    Sea water contains salt
C)    Density of sea water is highest than that of ordinary water
D)    Density of sea water is less than that of ordinary water
Answer: C

             5.Who of the following was the first woman ruler of medieval india?
A)    Razia sultan
B)    Chand bibi
C)    Durgavati
D)    Noorjahan
Answer: A

             6. The city of jaunpur was founded in the memory of?
A)    Ghiyasuddin tughlaq
B)    Mohammd-bin-tughlaq
C)    Firoz shah tughlaq
D)    Akbar
Answer: C

             7. Who among the following witnessed the reigh of seven sultans of delhi?
A)    Amir khusarau
B)    Shaikh nizamuddin auliya
C)    Khwaja moinuddin chisti
D)    None of these               Indian Railway Zones And Divisions.

Answer: A

             8. Sunda trench is in?
A)    Indian ocean
B)    Pacific ocean
C)    Atlantic ocean
D)    Gulf of mexico
Answer: C

             9. The challenger rise is located in?
A)    The pacific ocean
B)    The indian ocean
C)    The atlantic ocean
D)    The arctic ocean
Answer: C

            10. What is the longest irrigation canal india called?
A)    Yamuna canal
B)    Sirhind canal
C)    Upper bari doab canal
D)    Indira gandhi canal
Answer: D

            11.Nuclear energy is a mineral-based energy source. It is derived from?
A)    Uranium
B)    Thorium
C)    Plutonium
D)    All of these
Answer: D

            12. What was the fissionable material used in the bombs dropped at nagasaki(japan) in the year 1945?
A)    Sodium
B)    Potassium
C)    Plutonium
D)    Uranium
Answer: C

            13.The heaviest naturally occuring elements is?
A)    Thorium
B)    Uranium
C)    Mercury            Modern Indian History
D)    Polonium
Answer: B

            14. TMV is related to?
A)    Virus
B)    Evolution
C)    Algae
D)    Reproduction of
Answer: A

            15.  Virus which contain RNA as genetic material?
A)    Reovirus
B)    Reterovirus
C)    Ribo virus
D)    All of the above
Answer: D

      16.The Centre has so far allocated over how many crore rupees for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?
A) 6,000
B) 5,000
C) 7,000
D) 9,000
Answer: D

      17.Para mesh Krishnan Nair, who died recently, was related to which field?
A) Banking
B) Film Industry
C) Photography
D) History
Answer: B

      18.Who has been chosen for the 2015 Bihari Puraskar?
A) Vijaydan Detha
B) Nand Bhardwaj
C) Bhagwati Lal Vyas
D) Rajesh Vyas
Answer:  C

      19. A and B deposited together Rs. 2000 in a bank at a rate of 5%. After 3 and 4 yr , A and B get equal amounts. What is the share of A?
A) Rs. 1034
B) Rs. 1054
C) Rs. 1084          Indian River System
D) Rs.1024
Answer: D

      20. The radius of a circle is 13 cm and xy is a chord which is at a distance of 12 cm from the centre. The length of the chord is
A) 12 cm
B) 10 cm
C) 20 cm
D) 15 cm
Answer: B

      21. A metal sphere of radius 5 cm is melted to make a cone with base of the same radius. What is the height of the cone?
            A) 10 cm
            B) 15 cm
            C) 20 cm
            D) 5 cm
            Answer: C

      22. How long does a train 75 m long moving at 60 km/h take to pass another train 100 m long, moving at 65 km/h in the opposite direction?
            A) 5.54 s
            B) 6.04 s
            C) 6.36 s
            D) 5.04 s
            Answer: D

     Direction (23-25): select the related letter/word/number from the given alternatives.
      23. Procession: Route:: Earth: ?
            A) Space
            B) Sun
            C) Orbit
            D) Highway
            Answer:  C
      24. Locker: Kmnpbdjldfqs:: Left: ?
            A) Kncdsgsu
            B) Kmdfegsu
            C) Kmdfegus
            D) Kmdefgus
            Answer: B

      25. 83 : 25 :: 29: ?
            A) 44
            B) 49
            C) 40
            D) 63

Answer: B

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