RRB NTPC EXAM - 2016 :: Online CBT Practice Bits Set - 13

1. The vikramsila vihara was founded by?
A)    Mahipala I
B)    Devapala
C)    Surapala
D)    Dharmapala
          Answer: D

2. Which of the following was NOT one of the titles assumed by the chola king rajendra?
A)    Tyagasamudra

B)    Gangikonda               Economy Quiz 

C)    Mudikonda
D)    Pandita chola
          Answer: A

3. Who destroyed the empire of chalukyas of badami?
A)    Cholas
B)    Pallavas
C)    Pandyas
D)    Rashtrakutas
           Answer: D

4. Generally antibiotics are formed from?
A)    Fungi
B)    Virus
C)    Bacteria
D)    Angiosperm
           Answer: C

5. Refrigeration is a process in which?
A)    Bacteria are destroyed
B)    Growth of bacteria reduced
C)    Bacteria become inactive
D)    Cyoplasm of bacteria contract
           Answer: C

6. The word insolation means?
A)    Matters which insulates
B)    Incoming solar radiation
C)    Insoluble matters
D)    None of these
          Answer: B

7. The basolute value of charge on electron was determined by?
A)    J.J.Thomson
B)    R.A)Millikan
C)    Rutherford
D)    Chadwick
          Answer: B

8. What is the full form of PPP?
A)    Preferential payment plan    
B)    Public private partnership
C)    Partial payment project
D)    Popular private project
           Answer: B

9. Relative poverty refers to?
A)    Bankruptcy
B)    Trade cycle
C)    Minimum needs of life
D)    Economic inequalities
           Answer: D

10. Sandstone is metamorphosed to?
A)    Hydration
B)    Exfoliation             
C)    Oxidation
D)    Solution
              Answer: B
11. Widening of a river valley takes place due to?
A)    Corrosion
B)    Lateral erosion
C)    Corrasion
D)    Hydraulic action
           Answer: B

12. When two bodies stick together after the collision is said to be?
A)    Perfectly elastic
B)    Partially elastic              Geography study notes
C)    Completely inelastic
D)    None of these
           Answer: C

13. A bullet hits and gets embedded in a solid block resting on a horizontal frictionless table. What is conserved?
A)    Momentum and KE
B)    Momentum
C)    KE
D)    Neither momentum nor KE
          Answer: B

14. Which article of the constitution of india gives precedence to constitutional provisions over the laws made by the union parliament/state legislatures?
A)    13
B)    32
C)    245
D)    326
           Answer:  C

15. Which one of the following provisions of the Indian constitution deals with the appointment and dismissed of the council of ministers?
A)    Article 70
B)    Article 72
C)    Article 74
D)    Article 75
           Answer: D

16. A river 3 m deep and 40 m wide is following at the rate of 2 km/hr. how much water (in lt) will fall into the sea in a minute?
             A) 400000
             B) 4000000
             C) 40000
             D) 4000
             Answer: B

17. A room is 12.5 m long and 7 m wide. The maximum length of a square tile to fill the floor of room with whole number of tiles, should be?
             A) 200 cm
             B) 175 cm
             C) 125 cm
             D) 150 cm
             Answer: B

18. 8 men can finish a certain amount of work in 40 days. If 2 more men join with them, the days needed to do the same amount of work is
             A) 30 d
             B) 32 d
             C) 36 d
             D) 25 d
             Answer: B

19. When the price of sugar decreases by 10 %, a man could buy 1 kg more for Rs. 270. Then, the original price of sugar per kg is  
             A) Rs. 25
             B) Rs. 27
             C) Rs. 30
             D) Rs. 32
             Answer: C

20. The simple interest on a sum for 5 yr is one-fourth of the sum. The rate of interest per annum is
              A) 5 %
              B) 6 %
              C) 4 %
              D) 8 %
              Answer: A  

21. Introducing a man, a woman said, “His wife is the only daughter of my mother.” How is the woman related with the man?
              A) Sister-in-law
              B) Wife
              C) Aunt
              D) Mother-in-law
              Answer: B

22. If PREMA is coded as 96731, how can RAMA are written in that code?
              A) 6737
              B) 6131
              C) 9631
              D) 6936
              Answer: B

23. A travelled westward 8 km, turned left and travelled 3 km, turned right and travelled 9 km. he then travelled north 3 km. how far is he from the starting point?
               A) 15 km
               B) 17 km
               C) 19 km
               D) 11 km
               Answer: B

24. DAM: MAD:: WARD:?
           A) DWAR
           B) DWOR
           C) DRAW
           D) DROW
           Answer: C

25.  7:32 :: 35: ?
           A) 144
           B) 156
           C) 160
           D) 172
           Answer: C


16. In 60 min, volume of water fall into the sea = 3 X 40 X 2 X 1000 m3
      In 1 min, volume of water fall into sea   = 3X40X2X1000/60 m3
                                                                     = 3X40X2X1000/60X 1000 L
                                                                = 4000000 L
17. Length of the room = 49/4 m
                                    = 49X100/4 cm
                                    = 1225 cm
          Breadth of room = 7 m = 700 cm
         Maximum length of the square tile = HCF of 1225 and 700
                                                            = 175
18. Given, 8X40 = 10 X ?
                Or ?= 8X40/10 = 32
          Required days = 32 days
20. Simple interest = PTR/100
                               x/4 = x X r X 5 / 100
                             r = 100 / 4X5     = 5 %

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