RRB NTPC EXAM - 2016 :: CBT Online Practice Bits SET - 20


Directions (1 to 5): Find the odd number/ letters/ number/ figure from the given alternatives.

1.(A)  Sunflower oil     
(B)  Coconut oil
(C)  Palm oil              
(D)  Sandalwood oil

2.(A)  Carbon              
(B)  Graphite       
(C)  Diamond            
(D)  Gold

   (B) MSWAH    Indian Gk 
   (C)  GMRVY              
   (D)  UZEIL

4.(A) Confluence        
(B) Concourse
(C)  Radiation           
(D)  Concentration

5. (A) Agra

1. (D)

2. (D)

3. (C)

4. (C)

5. (D)


1. One angle of a regular polygon measures 177°How many sides does it have?
(A) 89
(B) 120
(C) 177
(D) 183

2. One angle of a parallelogram measures (2x + y)°Another angle of the same quadrilateral but not the opposite angle) measures (x + 2y)° . What is (x + y) ?
(A) 30
(B) 60
(C) 90
(D) 120

3. A right triangle with legs measuring 12 cm and 16 cm is inscribed in a circle. What is the circumference of the circle in centimeters?
(B) 16π
(C) 20π
(D) 28π

4. A square has a diagonal measuring 8 cm. When its area is expressed as 2K square centimeters,what is K?
(A) 4
(B) 5
(C) 6
(D) 7

5. When the base of a triangle is increased by 10% and he altitude to this base is decreased by 10%,the area is
(A) Increased by 10%
(B) Decreased by 10%
(C) Increased by 1%
(D) Decreased by 1%

Answers with Explanation

1.Each angle of a regular polygon =(n- 2)180°/n= 117°
n = 120

2.Sum of two consecutive angles of a Πgm is 180o.
Hence 2x+y+x+2y = 180° x + y = 60°

3. BC = √12^2  +16^2= 400=20cm
radius of circle = 10cm (angle in a semi circle is 90o)
circumference = 2λ.10 = 20λcm

4.Diagonal of a sq with side a = a √2
a √2 = 8  a =8/√2= 4√2
Hence area =(4√ 2)^2 = 32= 2^5 = Hence K =5.

5.The new area= 1/2×1.1×base × 0.9× height = original area × 0.99. Therefore the area decreases by 1.1.

General Knowledge

            1.     Planet A has double the radius than that of planet B.If the mass of planet A is 4 times heavier than the mass of planet B, which of the following statements regarding weight of an object is correct?
A)    Heavier on planet A than on planet B
B)    Heavier on planet B than on planet A
C)    Same on both the planets
D)    Cannot be measured on planet B
Answer: C

            2.     Select the only correct statement from the following?
A)    The orbital velocity of a satellite increases with the radius of the orbit
B)    Excape velocity of a particle from the surface of earth depends on the speed with which it is fired
C)    The time period of a satellite does not depend on the radius of the orbit
D)    The orbital velocity is inversely proportional to the square root of the radius of the orbit
Answer: D

            3.     The people of the Indus valley civilization usually built their houses of?
A.    Pucca bricks
B.    Stone
C.    Wood
D.    All of these
Answer: A

            4.     The Indus valley civilization was non-aryan because?
A.    It was urban
B.    It has a pictographic script
C.    It had an agricultural economy
D.    It extended up to the narmada valley
Answer: A

            5.     Fiords are very typical of the ?
A)    Alaskan coast
B)    Spanish coast
C)    Norwegian coast
D)    Peruvian coast
Answer: C

            6.     Peneplains are formed by?
A)    Denudation by river
B)    Denudation by glacier
C)    They prevent floods from spreading
D)    They cause floods
Answer: B

            7.     The president can be impeached on the ground of violating the constitution by?
A)    The chief justice of india
B)    The vice-president of india
C)    The speaker of the lok sabha
D)    The two houses of parliament
Answer: D

            8.     The power of the president to issue ordinance is a relic of?
A)    Government of india act of 1909
B)    Government of india act of 1919
C)    Government of india act of 1935
D)    Indian independence act, 1947
Answer: C

            9.     Viruses are parasitic, having DNA/RNA but they can be crystalliezed and lack respiration. Thus they are treated as ?
A)    Living materials
B)    Non-living materials
C)    Both living and no-living materials
D)    Cellulose
Answer: A

            10.  Nonlving character of virus?
A)    It can be crystalized for many year
B)    It grow in living cell
C)    It show mutation
D)    None of these
Answer: A
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