Railway Ntpc Exam (ASM, Goods Guard, TA, CA) - 2016 :: Mock Test - 3

Railway Ntpc Exam (ASM, Goods Guard, TA, CA) - 2016 :: Mock Test - 3
Railway Ntpc Exam (ASM, Goods Guard, TA, CA) - 2016 :: Mock Test - 3
  1. Which of the following substances has greatest specific heat
        A) Iron
        B) Water
        C) Copper
        D) Mercury

  2.  If RH is high
       A) We feel sultry
       B) We perspireless
       C) Cloths do not dry easily
       D) All the above

  3. the most literate union territory in India is?
A)    Delhi
B)    Lakshadweep
C)    Chandigarh
D)    Pondicherry

  4. Which state of India has the largest area?
A)    Uttar pradesh
B)    Madhya pradesh
C)    Maharashtra
D)    Rajasthan

  5. In the history of India population which duration period is referred to as a great leap forward?
A)    1921-1931
B)    1941-1951
C)    1951-1961
D)    1971-1981

  6. During which decade did the population of india record a negative growth rate?
A)    1911-21
B)    1921-31
C)    1931-41
D)    1941-51

   7. The 2011 census could be the?
A)    13TH census
B)    14th census
C)    15th census
D)    16th census

   8. Which among the following states has highest sex-ratio in 2011
A)    Tamil nadu
B)    Andhra pradesh
C)    Karnataka
D)    odisha

   9. Which of the following is not an effect of volcanic eruptions?
A)    Tsunamis or seismic waves
B)    Climatic changes
C)    Extiction of species
D)    Creation of cyclones

    10. Which of the following continents has no volcanoes?
A)    Africa
B)    Australia
C)    North america
D)    South america

    11. A valley of ten thousand smokes is the name given to a zone near the volcano?
A)    Mauna loa of hawaie
B)    Pinatabu of philippines
C)    Pelle in the caribbean sea
D)    Katmai of alaska

    12. Ema is an example of?
A)    Active volcano
B)    Dormant volcano
C)    Extinct volcano
D)    Plateau in a volcano region

    13. Which of the following active volcnoes is known as the ligh house of the mediterranean sea?
A)    Volcano
B)    Stromboli
C)    Vesuvius
D)    Ema

   14. Which of the following is the highest active volcano in the world?
A)    Etna
B)    Fujiyoma
C)    Mount tai
D)    Cotapaxi

    15. Which of the following is a volcanic plateau?
A)    Anatolia plateau
B)    Tibetan plateau
C)    Antrum plateau
D)    Brazilian plateau

    16. Which of the following was the oldest dynasty of india?
A)    Maurya
B)    Gupta
C)    Kushana
D)    Kanva

     17. The division of mauryan society into seven classes was particularly mentioned in?
A)    Kautilya’s arthashastra
B)    Ashokan edicts
C)    The purans
D)    The indica of megasthenes

     18. Kautilya’s arthashastra is a book on?
A)    Economic relations
B)    Principle and practices of statecraft
C)    Foreign policy
D)    Duties of the king

     19. The valleys of sindhu, ganga and jamuna were brought together for the first time under one political authority by?
A)    Chandragupta maurya
B)    Ashoka
C)    Chandragupta II
D)    Prithviraj chauhan

      20. Which one of the following places has no ashokan edicts?
A)    Girnar
B)    Kandhar
C)    Pataliputra
D)    Topra

     21. Who among the following was appointed by ashoka to administrer justice in his empire?
A)    Sharmana
B)    Uparika
C)    Rajuka
D)    Kumar amatya

     22. Who of the following was a contemporary of aleander the great?
A)    Bimbisara
B)    Chandragupta maurya
C)    Ashoka
D)    Pushyamitra sunga

     23. How many articles are there in the indian constitution?
A)    395
B)    396
C)    398
D)    399

     24. Although union list state list and concurrent list cover the entire legislative business, yet there may be an item not mentioned anywhere. Who will legislate on that item?
A)    Parliament only
B)    State legislature only
C)    Both a and b
D)    Neither a nor b

      25. Which part of the indian constitution deals with fundamental rights?
A)    Part 1
B)    Part 2
C)    Part 3
D)    Part 4

       26. Part 4 of the indian deals with?
A)    Fundamental rights
B)    Citizenship
C)    Directive principles of state policy
D)    Union executive

       27. Power authority and responsibilities of municpalities are listed in which one of the following schedules of the constitution of india?
A)    Ninth
B)    Tenth
C)    Eleventh
D)    Twelfth

      28. How many languages have recognised by the constitution?
A)    15
B)    18
C)    22
D)    24

      29. Under which one of the following articles of the constitution of india, is the annual financial statement of the economy to be laid by the government on the table of the parliament before 31st  march, every year?
A)    Article 16
B)    Article 31
C)    Article 112
D)    Article 124

     30. Which of the following was the biggest source for the constitution of india?
A)    The government of india act, 1919
B)    The government of india act, 1935
C)    The Indian independence act, 1947
D)    None of these

     31. Of the following words in the preamble of the constitution of india which was not inserted through the constitution (forty second) amendmend act, 1976?
A)    Socialist
B)    Secular
C)    Dignity
D)    Integrity

     32. Which amendment act introduced changes in the preamble to the Indian constitution?
A)    The 38th amendment act, 1975
B)    The 40th amendment act, 1976
C)    The 42nd amendment act, 1976
D)    The 44th amendment act, 1979

     33. Which amendment of the Indian constitution inserted the two words-socialist and secular in the preamble?
A)    28TH
B)    40th
C)    42nd
D)    52nd

     34. In which amendment, the words socialist, secular and unity and integrity of the nation were added to the preamble of constitution of india?
A)    42nd
B)    44th
C)    52nd
D)    None of these

      35. The ideals and objectives outlined in the preamble of the Indian constitution have been further elaborated in?
A)    The chapter on fundamental rights
B)    The chapter on directive principles of state policy
C)    The chapter on directive principles of state policy fundamental rights and fundamental duties
D)    Now here else in the text of the constitution

      36. Which among the following is the correct expression of the term secular in india?
A)    India has many religion
B)    Indians have religious freedom
C)    The follow the religion depends upon the will of an individual
D)    There is no religion of the state in india

      37. Internal energy of a perfect gas is independent of
            A) Pressure
            B) Volume
            C) Temperature
            D) None of these

      38. The change of a solid in to vapour directly is called
            A) Vaporization
            B) Freezing
            C) Melting
            D) Sublimation

      39. Which of the following is the best conductor of the heat
            A) Mercury
            B) Silver
            C) Leather
            D) Benzene

      40. Which colour of heat radiationreoresents the highest temperature
            A) Blood red
            B) Dark chery
            C) Salmon
            D) White

      41. Clear night are colder than cloudy nights because of
            A) Conduction
            B) Condensation
            C) Radiation
            D) Insolation

      42. The best conductor of heat among the following is
            A) Alcohol
            B) Mercury
            C) Ether
            D) Water

       43. Mahavira Jaina breathed his last at?
A)    Rajgir
B)    Ranchi
C)    Pawapuri
D)    Samastipur

       44. Gautama buddha was elevated to the position of god by the time of?
A)    Ashoka
B)    Kanishka
C)    Chandragupta vikramaditya
D)    harsha

       45. mahabodhi temple has been built at bodh gaya where?
A)    Gautama buddha ws born
B)    Gautama buddha attained enlightenment
C)    Gautama buddha delievered his first sermon
D)    Gautama buddha passsed away

      46. Chinese traveller hiuen-tsang studied at the university of?
A)    Taxila
B)    Vikramshila
C)    Magadh
D)    Nalanda

       47. Where was the third buddhist council held?
A)    Vatsa
B)    Pataliputra
C)    Kosambi
D)    Kashmir

      48. Where was mahavir swami born?
A)    Kundagram
B)    Pataliputra
C)    Magadh
D)    Vaishali

       49. What does the term lithosphere refer to?
A)    Interior of the earth
B)    Crust of the earth
C)    Plants and animals
D)    None of the above

      50. In the structure of planet earth, below the mantle the core is mainly made up of which one of the following?
A)    Aluminium
B)    Chromium
C)    Iron
D)    Silicon

      51. In the interior of the earth?
A)    The temperature falls with increasing depth
B)    The presssure falls with increasing depth
C)    The tgemperature rises with increasing depth
D)    Both temperature and pressure fall with increasing depth

       52. Which is the second most abundant metal in the earth’s crust?
A)    Iron
B)    Aluminum
C)    Copper
D)    Zinc

       53. The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the place of?
A)    Axis of the earth
B)    Equator
C)    North pole
D)    South pole

       54. One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to a distance of?
A)    34.5 miles
B)    50 miles
C)    60 miles
D)    39 miles

      55. Latitude of place is indicted of its?
A)    Time
B)    Altitude
C)    Amount of rain
D)    Temperature

      56. Very small time intervals can be accurately measured by
            A) White dwarf
            B) Quartz clocks
            C) Atomic clocks
            D) Pulsars

      57. A deep sea diver may hurt his ear drum during diving because of
            A) Lack of oxygen
            B) High atmospheric pressure
            C) High water pressure
            D) All of the above

              58. NRI (Non-Resident Indian) day is observed on which of the following days?
                     A) 9th January
                     B) 9th February
                     C) 9th March
                     D) 19th March

              59. Thefirst General Election in india , was held in
                    A) 1950
                    B) 1951
                    C) 1952
                    D) 1953

              60. English is the official language of which one of the following Indian states?
                    A) Nagaland
                    B) Tripura
                    C) Assam
                    D) Manipur

            61. A man’s income is increased by Rs. 1200 and at the same time, the rate of tax to bepaid is reduced         from 12% to 10 %. He now pays the same amount of tax as before. What is his increased income, if 20 % of his income is exempted from tax in both cases?
                    A) Rs. 6300 
                    B) Rs. 7200
                    C) Rs. 4500  
                    D) Rs. 6500

            62. The ratio between two number is 3 : 4. If each number is increased by 6, then ratio becomes 4 : 5. The difference between the numbers is
                    A) 1
                    B) 3
                    C) 6
                    D) 8

            63. In a school, the ratio of boys and girls is 4 : 5. When 100 girls leave the school, the ratio becomes 6 : 7. How many boys are there in the school?
                    A) 1300
                    B) 1500
                    C) 1600
                    D) None of these
            64. If 5sinX+12cosX=12.Then what is the value of(5cosX-12sinX).
         A) 13
         B) 5
         C) 21
         D) 14

65. If the differece between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum of money for 2 year at 25% per annum is 50 ,then the sum will be.
         A) 600
         B) 1000
         C) 900
         D) 800

66. Find the arithmetic mean of 8 no.between 1 and 10.
       A) 2.5  
       B) 5.5
       C) 3.5  
       D) 4.5

67. In  an examination, A obtain 10% less  than the minimum number of marks required for passing, B obtains 11(1/9) less than A, and C obtains 41(3/17)% less than the number of marks obtained by A and B together. Does C pass or fail?
       A) Pass  
       B) Fail
       C) Can’t say 
       D) Data inadequate

68. The marked price of a shirt and a trouser are in the ratio 2 :  3. The   shopkeeper gives 30% discount on the shirt.  If the total discount is 20%. Then, the discount offered on the trouser is –
       A) 12(1/2)%   
       B) 33(1/3)%
       C) 13(1/3)%  
       D) 8(1/3)%

69. 3207-976-1781 =?
       A) 450
       B) 4012
       C) 442
       D) 2241

70. The sum of two numbers is 97 and their differnce  is 37. Find out their product.
       A) 2010
       B) 8040
       C) 2128
       D) 1914

71. How many pieces, each of length 4.5 m can be cut of 225 m of wire?
       A) 45
       B) 50
       C) 90
       D) 25

 72. The L.C.M of two numbers is 280 and their H.C.F is 7. One of the number is 35. Find the other number?
        A) 56
        B) 28
        C) 42
        D) 49

73. When the price of radio was reduced by 20 %, the sale incresed by 80 %. What was the net effect on the sale?
        A) 44 % increase
        B) 44 % decrease
        C) 66 % increase
        D) 75 % increase

74. The sum of present ages of two brothers is 36 years. After 4 years their ages will be 5:6. The age of the elder brother is:
        A) 12 years
        B) 16 years
        C) 20 years
        D) 30 years

75. An Umbrella marked at Rs. 300 and sell it for Rs. 330, my gain precentage is:
        A) 15%
        B) 17%
        C) 18.5%
        D) 20%

  76. Medicine: Disease: Book:?
        A) Book writter
        B) Knowledge
        C) Ignorance
        D) Teacher

  77. 20, 32, 45, 59, 74,?
        A) 95
        B) 90
        C) 85
        D) 79

78. 5, 9, 16, 29, 54, 103,?
        A) 102
        B) 94
        C) 103
        D) 200

79. 1, 5, 21, 57,121,……………..
         A) 150
         B) 176
         C) 200
         D) 221

80. Menu: Food: :Catalogue: ?
        A) Rack
        B) Newspaper
        C) Library
        D) Cotton

81. Pulp: Paper: :Hemp: ?
       A) Basket
       B) Yarn
       C) Rope
       D) Cotton

82. Mango: Fruit: : :Potato: ?
       A) Root
       B) Fruit
       C) Stem
       D) Flower

83. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
       A) Mica
       B) Zinc
       C) Iron
       D) Chlorine

84. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
       A) 18
       B) 24
       C) 36
       D) 34

85. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word GLIMPSE each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?
      A) None
      B) One
      C) Two
      D) Three

86. EARN is related to RANE and BOND is related to NODB in the same way as TEAR is related to……………
      A) AERT
      B) ATRE
      C) ARET
      D) REAT

 87. In a certain code PAGES is written as RDIHU and WRITE is written as YUKWG. How will OTHER be written in the same code?
      A) RVKGU
      B) QWJHT
      C) RWJHU
      D) PWIHS

88. If 18514 stands for AHEAD, then 31385 stands for?
     A) CACHEE
     B) CASSET
     C) CACHE

89. If SEQUENCE is coded as HVJFVMXV then how will CHILDREN be coded in the same code?

90. Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives.
      A) (114, 57)
      B) (38, 144)
      C) (95, 152)
      D) (76, 133)

91. Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives.
      A) Google
      B) Firefox
      C) Internet Explorer
      D) Chrome

92. Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives.
     A) Ally
     B) Antagonist
     C) Opponent
     D) Adversary

93. Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives.
      A) Rhombus
      B) Diagonal
      C) Pentagon
      D) Circle 

94. Find out the pair of numbers that does not belong to the group for lack of common property.
      A) 16 - 18
      B) 56 - 63
      C) 96 - 108
      D) 86 - 99

95. In the following question, number of letters are skipped in between by a particular rele. Which of the following observers the rule?
     A) ACZXFG
     B) CFXURI
     C) CFIURX
     D) CXFUIR

96. Pointing to a boy in the photograph Reena said, "He is the only son of the only child of my grandfather." How Reena is related to that boy?
      A) Mother
      B) Sister
      C) Aunt
      D) Cannot be determined

97. A * B means A is the sister of B
      A $ B means B is the mother of A
      A + B means A is the brother of B
     A = B means B is the father of A.
     Which of the following means M is the maternal uncle of N?
     A)  M = P + Q * N
     B)  N + P = Q * M
     C)  N * P $ Q * M
     D)  None of these

Direction (98-99): Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and replace the question mark in the given series.
98. 120, 99, 80, 63, 48, ?
      A) 35
      B) 38
      C) 39
      D) 40

99. 2,3,8,27, 112,?
      A) 226
      B) 339
     C) 452
     D) 565

100. In the series 3, 9, 15, ...... what will be the 21st term?
      A) 117
      B) 121
      C) 123
      D) 129

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