Practice Sets :: SSC CGL Model Paper - 6


1.In a triangle ABC, AB + BC = 12 cm, BC + CA = 14 cm and CA + AB = 18 cm, Find the radius of the circle (in cm) which has the same perimeter as the triangle.
(A) 5/2 
(B) 7/2  
(C) 9/2  
(D) 11/2

 2.In DABC, PQ is parallel to BC . If AP : PB = 1 :2  and AQ = 3 cm;  AC is equal to 
(A) 6 cm 
(B) 9 cm 
(C) 12 cm 
(D) 8 cm

3.If G be the centroid of a triangle ABC such that AG = BC, then the magnitude of ÐBGC is
(A) 60° 
(B) 90°  
(C) 120° 
(D) 135°

4.Internal bisectors of angles ÐB and ÐC of a triangle ABC meet at O. If ÐBAC = 80°, then the value of ÐBOC is
(A) 120° 
(B) 140° 
(C) 110° 
(D) 130°

5.In DABC,ÐA+ ÐB=65°,ÐB+ ÐC=140°, then find ÐB. 
(A) 40° 
(B) 25°   
(C) 35°  
(D) 20°

1. (B)
2. (B)
3. (B)
4. (D)
5. (B)


6.‘A’ man starts from a point and walks 2 km towards North, turns towards his right and walks 2 km, turns right again and walks. What is the direction now he is facing?
(A) South   
(B) South-East
(C) North  
(D) West

7.Kamu walks 5 kms straight from her house towards west then turns right and walks 3 kms. There-after she takes left turn and walks 2 km. further, she turns left and walks 3 km. Finally, she turns right and walks 3 kms. In what direction she is now from her house?
(A) West  
(B) North
(C) South  
(D) East

8.Amit travelled 15 kms. East-ward, then turned left and travelled 5 kms, then turned left and travelled 15 kms. Hose far was Amit from the starting point?
(A) 30 kms.   
(B) 35 kms.
(C) 15 kms.  
(D) 5 kms.

9.At 12.30 the hour hand of a clock faces North and the minute hand faces South. At 2.45 the minute had will be in which direction?
(A) North-West  
(B) West
(C) South-East  
(D) East

10.Mamatha walks 14 metres towards west, then turns to her right and walks 14 metres and then turns to her left and walks 10 metres. Again turning to her left she walks 14 metres. What is the shortest distance (in metres) between her starting point and her present position?
(A) 38 m  
(B) 28 m
(C) 24 m  
(D) 10 m






General Knowledge:
1. Which is the largest canal of the world ?
     (A) Suez canal
     (B) Panama canal
     (C) Kra canal
     (D) Bhakra canal
     Answer: (D)

2. Which of the following are connected by Suez canal ?
     (A) Red Sea and Dead Sea
     (B) Red Sea and Arabian Sea
     (C) Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea
     (D) Red Sea and Black Sea
     Answer: (C)

3. Which of the following ports is not situated at Pacific coast ?
    (A) Vancouver
    (B) Los Angeles
    (C) San Francisco
    (D) Miami
    Answer: (D)

4. Which is the southern-most point of India ?
    (A) Kanyakumari
    (B) Goa
    (C) Indira point
    (D) Rameshwaram
    Answer: (C)

5. One fermimetre is equal to :
    (A) 10–9 m
    (B) 10–15 m
    (C) 10–18 m
    (D) 10–12 m
    Answer:  (B)

6. SI unit of luminious intensity is :
    (A) lumen
    (B) lux
    (C) candela
    (D) watt
    Answer : (C)

7. Parasec is the unit of :
    (A) distance
    (B) time
    (C) intensity of light
    (D) magnetic line
    Answer: (A)

8. One light year is approximately equal to :
    (A) 1011 km
    (B) 1015 m
    (C) 1016 m
    (D) 1016 km
    Answer:  (C)

9. The Chief Election Commissioner can be removed from his office:
     (A) By the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
     (B) By the President
     (C) On the basis of a resolution of the Cabinet
     (D) On the basis of proved misbehaviour by 2/3rd majority of both Houses of Parliament
     Answer : D

10. If the Speaker of the Lok Sabha intends to vacate his office before the expiry of his term, he sends his resignation to the:
     (A) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
     (B) Leader of the House (Lok Sabha)
     (C) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
     (D) President of India
     Answer: C

11. In which case did the Supreme Court of India determine that the Parliament has power to make amendment in fundamental rights, but it cannot make any change in the basic structure of the Constitution ?
     (A) Golak Nath case
     (B) Keshavanand Bharati case
     (C) Both (A) and (B)
     (D) Neither (A) nor (B)
     Answer: B

12. First woman judge to be appointed to Supreme Court was:
     (A) Rani Jethmalani
     (B) Anna George Malhotra
     (C) M. Fathima Beevi
     (D) Leila Seth
     Answer: C

13. taraf in the bahmani kingdom signified
      (A) province
      (B) lord grant
      (C) transit tax
      (D) gold coin

14. what is the meaning of Athavana?
      (A) revenue department
      (B) revenue
      (C) import tax
      (D) trade tax

15. the founder of the bahmani kingdom was
      (A) alauddin mujahid shah
      (B) ahmed shah
      (C) alauddin Bahaman shah
      (D) tajuddin firoz shah

English language:
Directions: (1–5) : In these questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word given in bold. 

(a) Encircled      
(b) Skirted
(c) Troubled       
(d) Destroyed


(a) Cruel         
(b) Relevant
(c) Canny        
(d) Smart

(a) Menu         
(b) Record
(c) List          
(d) Pamphlet
(a) Morality       
(b) Wisdom
(c) Sanity        
(d) Uprightness

(a) Recession      
(b) Indecency
(c) Depression     
(d) Bliss


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