Physics Quiz For All Competitive Exams

1.The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is?
A)    Micron
B)    Nanometre
C)    Fermi
D)    Angstrom
Answer: C

2.Which of the following physical quantities  have the same dimensions?
A)    Momentum and impulse
B)    Power and young’s modulus
C)    Energy and angular momentum
D)    Force consstant and moment of interia
Answer: A

3.Which of the following physical quantity is dimensionless?
A)    Angle
B)    Strain
C)    Specific gravity
D)    All of these
Answer: D

4.Erg * sec is the  unit of?
A)    Angular momentum
B)    Linear momentum
C)    Planck’s constant
D)    Energy
Answer: C

5.Maxwell is the unit of?
A)    Intensity of magnetization
B)    Permeability        Mixed Quiz
C)    Magnetic flux
D)    Magneticsusceptibility
Answer: C

6.Unit of solid angle is?
A)    Degree
B)    Radian
C)    Steradian
D)    Radian-second
Answer: C

7.Which one of the following groups have quantities that do not have the same dimensions?
A)    Pressure, stress
B)    Velocity, speed
C)    Force, impulse
D)    Work, energy
Answer: C

8.Pick out the only  scalar quantity?
A)    Power
B)    Electric field
C)    Magnetic momentum
D)    Average velocity
Answer: A

9.Five equal forces of 10 N each are applied at one point and all are lying in one plane. If angles between them are equal, the resultant of these forces wil be?
A)    Zero
B)    10 N            Modern History 
C)    20 N
D)    10
Answer: A

10.Which of the following is not a vector quantity?
A)    Electric current
B)    Electric field
C)    Acceleration
D)    Linear momentum

Answer: A

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