Physics Gk Questions :: SSC CGL SSC CHSL And Railway Exams

Most Of the Questions Are Coming From General Science So Don't Neglect This Topic 

1.Paraffin wax contractson solidification the melting point of wax?
A)    Increases with increase of pressure
B)    Decreases with increase of pressure
C)    In independent of pressure
D)    None of these
Answer: A

2.A large iceberg melts at the base but not at the top because?
A)    The base of iceberg remains in warmer conditions
B)    Ice at the base contains impurtites
C)    Higher pressure at the base lowers the melting point of ice
D)    Ice at the top is different kind
Answer: C

3.During melting process the beat given to a body is utilised an open pan and allowed to evaporate. After somtims the temperature of water?
A)    Decrease slightly
B)    Increases slightly
C)    Remains unchanged
D)    None of these
Answer: A

4.The boiling point of a liquid is?
A)    Affected by addition of soluble solid
B)    Increase with increase of pressure
C)    Both a) and b)
D)    None of these
Answer: C

5.A Closed bottle containing water at room temperature is taken to the moon and then the lid is opened. The water will?
A)    Freeze
B)    Boil
C)    Decompose into hydrogen and oxygen
D)    Not change at all
Answer: B

6.The relative humidity of air can decrease in spite of an increase in the absolute humidity when the?
A)    Pressure rieses
B)    Pressure falls
C)    Temperature rises
D)    Temperature falls
Answer: C

7.Water evaporates at atmospheric pressure at a certain rate. If now the some water is placed in vaccum. The rate of evaporation?
A)    Will increase
B)    Will decrease
C)    Will ramain unchanged
D)    None of these
Answer: A

8.If the atmospheric temperature and due point are nearly equal then?
A)      The relative humidity is 100%
B)     The relative humidity is zero
C)    The relative humidity is 50%
D)     None of  these
Answer: A

9.If the temperature inside a room is increased, the relative humidity will?
A)    Increase
B)    Decrease
C)    Remain unchanged
D)    None of  these
Answer: B

10. A liquid boils at a temperature at which its saturated vapour pressure becomes?
A)    Equal to the atmospheric pressure
B)    Twice the atmospheric pressure
C)    Half the atmospheric pressure
D)    Noen of these
Answer: A

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