Most Important Questions For CBT Online Bits For Railway Ntpc And All Competitive Exams

1. A satellite revolves around the earth in elliptic orbit, its speed is?
A)    Same at all points on the orbit
B)    Greatest when it is farthest from the earth
C)    Greatest when its is closest to the earth
D)    None of these
           Answer: C

2. If the diameter and mass of the earth becomes two times their present values then the weight of an object on the surface of the earth will?
A)    Become half
B)    Become one-fourth
C)    Remain unchanged
D)    Be doubled
           Answer: A

3. The caves and rock-cut temples at Elnora are?
A)    Hindu and buddhist
B)    Buddhist and jain
C)    Hindu and jain
D)    Hindu, buddhist and jain
           Answer: D

4. When was the panchtantra written?
A)    Maurya period
B)    Kanishka period
C)    Gupta period
D)    Harsha period
           Answer: C

5. The areas marked by internal drainage?
A)    Plateau
B)    Plains
C)    Deserts
D)    Mountains
           Answer: C

6. The percentage of fresh water on the earth’s surface is neary?
A)    Ox-bow lake
B)    Crater lake
C)    Playa lake
D)    Meteoric lake
           Answer: A

7. In India, the community development programme was started on?
A)    October 2,1952
B)    October 2, 1957
C)    October 2,1961     Gk Bits For Railway 
D)    October 2,1959
           Answer: A

8. Which of the following is a project to develop watersheds in India?
A)    DRDO
B)    CARE
           Answer: D

9. Food for work program me was introduced during which one of the following five year plans?
A)    I
B)    II
C)    V
D)    IX
          Answer: C

10. An organism which can monitor air pollution is?
A)    Algae
B)    Fungi
C)    Bacteria                       Modern Indian History
D)    Lichen
           Answer: D

11. Ozone hole is due to release of?
A)    NO2
B)    PAN
C)    CFCS
D)    SO2
           Answer: C

12. In a natural community, the primary consumers are ?
A)    Herbivores
B)    Carnivores
C)    Scavengers
D)    Decomposers
           Answer: A

13. Which of the following has highest frequency?
A)    Cosmic rays
B)    X-rays
C)    Radio waves
D)    Micro waves
           Answer: A

14. Which of the following electromagnetic wave has the longest wave length
A)    Infra red rays
B)    Gamma rays
C)    Light rays
D)    Ultra-violet rays
           Answer: A

15. Propagation of light quanta may be described by?
A)    Photons
B)    Protons
C)    Neutrons
D)    Electrons
           Answer: A

16. Curd is sour due to presence of?
A)    Vibrio
B)    Cocci
C)    Bacilli
D)    Spirilla
           Answer: B

17. Bacteria which are round in shape are called?
A)    Vibrio
B)    Bacillus
C)    Coccus
D)    Spirilla
           Answer: C

18. Which one of the following fungi is commonly known as bread mould?
A)    Synchytrium
B)    Rhizopus
C)    Aspergillus
D)    Penicillium
           Answer: B

19. The laxman era was started (in 1119 AD) by which of the following dynasty?
A)    Pratiharas
B)    Plalas
C)    Chauhans
D)    Sens
           Answer: D

20. Sun temple is situated at?
A)    Puri
B)    Khajuraho
C)    Konark
D)    Gaya
           Answer: C

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