Mixed Quiz For SSC CGL SSC CHSL And Railway Ntpc Exams

             1.  What is geomorphology?
A)    A systematic study of land forming
B)    A systematic study of land features
C)    A systematic study of land forms and their origin
D)    All of the above
Answer: C

             2.  Calcium carbonate deposited by precipitation from carbonate-saturated waters around hot spring is called?
A)    Stalactite
B)    Stalagmite
C)    Trravertine
D)    Lapies
Answer: C

             3. Who wrote ramcharita?
A)    Banabhatta
B)    Kalidas
C)    Sandhyakar nandi
D)    Tulsidas
Answer: C

             4. The south Indian state which was famous for its naval power, was?
A)    Chalukyas
B)    Cholas
C)    Hoyasals         GK Study Notes
D)    Pandyas
Answer: B

             5. The young’s modulus for perfectly rigid body is?
A)    Zero
B)    1
C)    Infinite
D)    None
Answer: C

             6.  How many fundamental duties are in the indian constitution?
A)    Nine
B)    Eleven
C)    Twelve
D)    Twenty
Answer: B

             7. The water of holy ganges river is pure due to presence of?
A)    Cyanophages
B)    Hydrophytes
C)    Bacteria                      Sports And Cups Trophies
D)    Bacteriophages
Answer: D

             8.  The fact that support the concept that viruses are living is that they?
A)    Multiply themselves
B)    Made up of common chememical
C)    Cause disease
D)    Can pass through cell membrane
Answer: A

       9. What is the tagline of Punjab National Bank?
            A) "Only Banking nothing else"
B) "The name you can bank upon"
C) "India's international bank"
D) "A tradition of trust"
Answer: B

       10. Present Governor of Odisha?
A) N N Vohra
B) Ramnaresh Yadav
C)  Dr S C Jamir
D) Keshri Nath Tripathi

            Answer: C

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