Mixed Quiz For SSC CGL SSC CGL And Railway Exams

1. Bacteria cannot survive in a highly salted picked because?
A)    Bacteria get plasmolysed and are consequently killed
B)    Salt inhibits reproduction
C)    The pickel does not contain nutrient necessary for bacteria to survive
D)    Bacteria do not get enough light for photosynthisis
         Answer: A

2. Regarding the atom of a chemical element, the magnetic quantum number refers to?
A)    Orientation
B)    Shape            Modern History Notes
C)    Size
D)    Spin
         Answer: A

3.  in the past decade which of the following has NOT been a major cause of the increase in the world’s population?
A)    Longer life span
B)    Lower infant mortality
C)    Increase in birth rate
D)    Improved sanitation
         Answer: C

4. Planning commission was established in 1950 to through?
A)    A constitutional amendment
B)    A supreme court order
C)    An executive order
D)    A decision by the parliament
         Answer: C

5. Which of the following layears of the earth is believed to have the heaviest mineral materials of highest density?
A)    Central core                Longest in India
B)    Crust
C)    Mantle
D)    Both  (b) and (c)
         Answer: B

6. Buddha lived approximately at the same time as?
A)    Confucius
B)    Moses
C)    Prophet mohammad
D)    Hammurabi
         Answer: A

7. Who of the following kings was an ardentfollower of jainism?
A)    Bimbisara
B)    Mahapadmananda
C)    Kharavela
D)    Pulkeshin II
         Answer: C

8. Two masses, each equal to m, are attached to one another by a mass less string passing over a smooth pulley the tension in the string is?
A)    Mg
B)    2 mg
C)    Mg/2
D)    Zero
         Answer: A

9. The value of which one of the following quantity remains same in all system of units?
A)    Acceleration due to gravity
B)    Specific gravity
C)    Pressure
D)    Density
         Answer: B

10. In Indian polity which one is supreme?
A)    The supreme court
B)    The constitution
C)    The parliament
D)    Religion

         Answer: B

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