Mixed Quiz For Railway SSC CGL And SSC CHSl Exams

             1. What percentage of world’s freshwater is stored as glacial ic?
A)    50%
B)    10%
C)    70%
D)    30%
Answer: C

             2. Which of the following is a continental shelf sea?
A)    North sea
B)    Arabian sea
C)    Red sea
D)    Mediterranean sea
Answer: C

             3.  First successful vaccine against virul disease?
A)    Louis pasteur
B)    Edward jenner
C)    Ivanowski
D)    W.M.stanley
Answer: B

             4. The disease AIDS is caused by?
A)    Bacteria
B)    Fungi         Indian Festivals 
C)    Virus
D)    Protzoan
Answer: C

             5. The constituent particle of a nucleus in an atom is?
A)    Electron and proton
B)    Proton and neutron
C)    Electron and neutron
D)    Electron, proton and neutron
Answer: B

             6. In an atom the order of filling up of the orbitals is governed by?
A)    Aufbau principle
B)    Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
C)    Hund’s rule
D)    Pauli’s exclusion principle          Railway Practice Sets
Answer: A

             7. The chola period is best known for which of the following?
A)    Gram sabhas ( village assemblies)
B)    War with the rashtrakutas
C)    Trade with Ceylon
D)    Growth of tamil culture
Answer: A

             8. The famous idol of gomteshwar and famous jain temple is situated at?
A)    Hampi
B)    Srirangapattam
C)    Sravanbelgola
D)    Mysore
Answer: C

             9. The modulus of rigidity of a liquid is?
A)    Rubber
B)    Wer clay
C)    Steel
D)    Plastic
Answer: C

            10. The English crown is an example of
A)    Real executive
B)    Quasi-real  executive
C)    Nominal executive
D)    Nominated excutive
Answer: C

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