Mixed Quiz For Railway Ntpc And SSC CGL SSC CHSL SSC CPO exams

1. When the terminal velocity is reached, the acceleration of a body moving through a viscous medium is?
A)    Zero
B)    Positive
C)    Negative
D)    None of these
Answer: A

2.The process of combining strings is known as?
A)    Compiling
B)    Combining
C)    Attaching
D)    Concatenation
Answer: D

3. Micro organism include?
A)    Bacteria & virus
B)    Bacteria, virus, microalgae and fungi
C)    Bacteria, virus, microalgae, fungi and protozoa
D)    All animals&plants
Answer: C

4. Oxidation is defined as?
A)    Loss of electrons
B)    Gain of electrons
C)    Accept protons
D)    Donate protons
Answer: A

5. Tartaric acid is obtained from?
A)    Apples
B)    Citrous fruit
C)    Grapes         CGL Practice Set
D)    Tomato
Answer: C

6. A rolling plan refers to a plan which?
A)    Does not change its targets every  year
B)    Changes its allocations every year
C)    Changes its allocations and targets every year
D)    Changes only its targets every year
Answer: C

7. Tidal range isquite high?
A)    In equatorial regions of ocean
B)    In shallow continental shelves
C)    In narrow estuaries
D)    Benzuela current
Answer: D

8. Which one of the following source of islam is associated with the teachings of prophet mohammad?
A)    Quran
B)    Hidaya         History Study Notes
C)    Fiqah
D)    Sunah
Answer: A

9.Taxila University was situated in?
A)    Pakistan
B)    India
C)    Bangladesh
D)    Burma
Answer: A

10.All the executive powers in india constitution are vested with?
A)    Prime minister
B)    President
C)    Parliament
D)    Council of ministers
Answer: B

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