Mixed Quiz For Railway And SSC Competitive Exams

     1. Railway is included in which of the following lists?
            A) Union list
            B) State list
            C) Concurrent list
            D) None of these

     2. The Chief producer of Cashew nut in India is
            A) Kerala
            B) Tamil Nadu
            C) Orissa
            D) West Bengal

     3. Brass is an alloy of while air is a
            A) Gas
            B) Mixture
            C) Compound
            D) Solution

     4. Choose the odd one out
            A) Head master
            B) Teacher
            C) Student
            D) School

     5. On equator a day has a duration of
            A) 6 months
            B) 24 hours
            C) 12 hours
            D) 8 hours

     6. Who invented  insulin
            A) F.Banting
            B) Domesque
            C) Ronald Ross
            D) W.Harvey

     7. The Purity of primary gold is
            A) 32 Carat
            B) 22 Quartz
            C) 24 Carat
            D) 22 Carat

     8. The Planning Commission in India was formed in
            A) 1942
            B) 1947
            C) 1950
            C) 1951

     9. Dicky Dolma is related to
            A) Cricket
            B) Table Tennis
            C) Boxing
            D) Mountaineering

     10. The term SEBI stands for
            A) State Earning Board of India
            B) Securities and Exchange Bank of India
            C) Securities and Exchange Board of India
            D) State Exchange Bank of India

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