Mixed Quiz For Railway And SSC CGL SSC CHSL Exams

       1. Ozone layer is found in the range of
            A) 50 km to 500 km
            B) 30 km to 50 km
            C) 11 km to 30 km
            D) None of these

       2. Who among the following received the Bharat Ratna award first ?
            A) Jawahar Lal Nehru
            B) C V Raman         History Quiz 
            C) Chandra shekhar
            D) Lal Bahadhur Sastri

       3. Which element is found in Hemoglobin?
            A) Calcium
            B) Iron
            C) Magnesium
            D) Zinc

       4. Goitre is caused due to deficiency of
            A) Iodine
            B) Vitamin A
            C) Vitamin B
            D) None of these

       5. The Composer of the epic Ram Charit Manas was contemporary of
            A) Babur
            B) Akbar
            C) Shahjehan
            D) Aurangazeb

       6. Who started the Kuka movement ?
            A) Ram Das
            B) Ram Singh
            C) Amar Singh
            D) None of these

       7. The shape of cauliflower is
            A) Cylindrical
            B) Umbrella type
            C) Spherical
            D) None of these  Longest In India

       8. In H.B.J gas pipe line HBJ stands for
            A) Hajira-Bijapur-Jagadishpur
            B) Hajira-Bikaner-Jagadishpur
            C) Hajira-Barauni-jagadishpur
            D) Hajira-Bikaner-Jodhpur

           Note: HVJ an abbreviation for Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (also known as HBJ where B stands for Bijaypur, another name of Vijaipur)

       9. The Panama canal connects
            A) Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
            B) Atlantic and Indian Oceans
            C) Pacific and Indian Oceans
            D) Red sea and Mediterranean sea

       10.’Black Hole Episode’ was the main cause of
            A) Battle of Buxar
            B) Battle of Plassey
            C) Battle of Wandiwash
            D) Battle of Haldighati

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