Mixed Quiz For Railway And SSC CGl - 2016 Exams

          1. A geostationary satellite has an orbital period of?
       A)    2hours
       B)    6 hours
       C)    12 hours
       D)    24 hours
       Answer: D

          2.  If the earth were to stop rotating the value of g?
       A)    Increase
       B)    Decrease              
       C)    Remain unchanged
       D)    Become zero
       Answer: A

          3.  At present in the constitution of india right to property is?
A)    Fundamental right
B)    Legal right
C)    Moral right
D)    None of these
Answer: B

          4.  The seven pagodas of mahabalipuram are a witness to the art patronized by the?
A)    Pallavas
B)    Pandyas
C)    Cholas                 Online Cbt Practice Bits
D)    Cheras
Answer: A

          5.  Which one of the following rivers crosses the equator two times?
A)    Cango river
B)    Amazon river
C)    Niger river
D)    Nile river
Answer: A

          6. The planning commission of india was constituted in the year?
A)    1942
B)    1947
C)    1950
D)    1955
Answer: C

          7.  The atoms of the elements which have same number of neutrons are called?
A)    Isobars
B)    Isotopes
C)    Isotones
D)    None                Geography Study Notes
Answer: C

          8.    Nitrogen fixing bacteria a found I leguminuous plant?
A)    Azohacter
B)    Nitrobacter
C)    Rizobium
D)    Psendomnas
Answer: C

           9. Chloroform carbons are widely used in?
A)    Micro ovens
B)    Solar heaters
C)    Washing machines
D)    Refrigerators
Answer: D

       10. Which article of the constitution of india deals with the appillate jurisdiction of the supreme court in connection with constitutional cases?
A)    Article 131
B)    Article 132
C)    Article 132 read with article 134 A
D)    Article 133 read with article 134 A

Answer: C

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