Indian Polity Quiz For SSC CGL SSC CHSL And Railway NTPC Exams

     1.In which year fundamental duties of citizens were introduced by 42nd amendment?
     A)    1975
     B)    1976
     C)    1977
     D)    1980
     Answer: B

     2.Under the constitution of india, which one of the following is NOT a fundamental duty?
     A)    To vote in public elections
     B)    To develop the scientific templer
     C)    To safegurard public property
     D)    To abid by the constitution and respect its ideals
     Answer: A

3.Where is raisina Hill?
A)    Where rashtrapati bhavan is situated
B)    The hill feature in srinagar, otherwise known as shankaracharya hill
C)    The place where the dogra rulers of jammu and kashmir built their fort in Jammu
D)    The rock feature at kanyakumari where swami vivekanand’s statue was erected
Answer: A

4.The president of india enjoys emergency powers of?
A)    Two types
B)    Three types
C)    Four types
D)    Five types
Answer: B

5.How many times the president of India can seek reelection to his post?
A)    Once
B)    2 times
C)    3 times
D)    Any number of times
Answer: D

6.Which of the following appointments is NOT made by the president of India?
A)    Speaker of the Lok sabha
B)    Chief justice of India
C)    Chief of air staff
D)    Chief of army
Answer: A

7.In case the president wishes to resign, to whom is he to address his resignation letter?
A)    Chief justice of india
B)    Secretary of lok sabha
C)    Vice president
D)    Prime minister
Answer: C

8.What is the maximum age limit prescribed for the post of the president of india?
A)    58 years
B)    60 years
C)    62 years
D)    There is no maximum age limit
Answer: D

9.Rashtrapati bhawan was designed by?
A)    Edward stone
B)    Le corbusier
C)    Edwin lutyens
D)    Tarun dutt
Answer: C

10.A presidential ordinance can remain in force?
A)    For three months
B)    For six months
C)    For nine months
D)    Indefinitely
Answer: C   


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