Indian Polity Quiz For Railway And SSC All Exams

1. Who was the chairman of the union power committee of constituent assembly of India?
A)    Sardar vallabhabhai patel
B)    DR.B.R.Ambedkar
C)    Sir alladi krishnaswami ayya
D)    Pt.jawaharlal nehru
           Answer: D

2. What was the basis for constituting the constituent assembly of India?
A)    The resolution of Indian national congress
B)    The cabinet mission plan, 1946
C)    The Indian independence act, 1947
D)    the resolution of the provincial/state legislature of the dominion of India
          Answer: B    

3. The constitution of India was adopted on?
A)    26th january,1950                  Mixed Quiz 
B)    26th january,1949
C)    26th november,1949
D)    15th august,1947
          Answer: C

4. Who presided over the first meeting of the Indian constituent assembly?
A)    Dr.Rajendra prasad
B)    Sachchidananda sinha
C)    B.R.Ambedkar
D)    H.V.Kamath
           Answer: B

5. Who among the following was the advisor to the drafting committee of constituent assembly?
A)    B.Shiva rao
B)    B.R.Ambedkar
C)    Sachchidananda sinha
D)    B.N.Rau                                         RRB NTPC Admit Cards
           Answer: D

6. The constituent assembly of India started functioning from?
A)    9th december,1946
B)    1st january,1947
C)    26th january,1947
D)    15th august,1947
           Answer: A

7. Who among the following had moved the objective resolution which formed the basis of the preamble of the constitution of India in the constituent assembly on Dec13,1946?
A)    B.R.Ambedkar
B)    Rajendra prasad
C)    Sardar vallabhbhai patel
D)    Jawahar lal nehru
           Answer: C

8. Who among the following was not a member of the constituent assembly?
A)    Sardar vallabhbhai patel
B)    Acharya J.B.Kripalani
C)    Jay prakash narayan
D)    K.M.Munshi
           Answer: C

9. The constitution of india was completed on?
A)    February 11,1948
B)    November 26, 1949
C)    January 26, 1950
D)    None of these
           Answer: B
10. The first day session of indian constituent assemblywas chaired by?
A)    Dr.Rajendra prasad
B)    Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
C)    Pandit jawahar lal nehru
D)    Dr.Sachchidananda sinha

             Answer: D

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