History Quiz For Railway SSC CGL And SSC CHSL Exams

1. Which of the following animals was not known to the Indus valley civilization?
A)    Bull
B)    Horse
C)    Elephant
D)    Giraffe
       Answer: D

2. The earliest city discovered in India was?
A)    Harappa
B)    Rangpur
C)    Mohenjodaro
D)    Sindh
       Answer: A

3. An advanced water management system of hardpans times has been unearthed at?
A)    Dholavira
B)    Lothal
C)    Kalibangan
D)    Alamgirpur
        Answer: A

4. Cotton for textile was first cultivated in?
A)    Egypt
B)    Mesopotamia
C)    Central America
D)    India
       Answer: D

5. The religious literature of the Janis at the early stage was written in?
A)    Ardhamagadhi
B)    Pali
C)    Sanskrit
D)    None of these
       Answer: A

6. The decimal system was first known in India at the beginning of?
A)    2nd century AD
B)    3rd century AD
C)    4th century AD
D)    5th century AD
        Answer: D

7. Use of white marble, long legs and slender frames, human being as central characters and prominence of kings, princess and places…….. Were the characteristic features of which one of the following ancient art forms of India?
A)    Amravati school of art
B)    Gandhara school of art
C)    Mathura school of art
D)    Pahari school of art
       Answer: A

8. The cultivation of cereals first started in?
A)    Neolithic Age
B)    Mesolithic Age
C)    Paleolithic Age
D)    None of these
        Answer: A

9. Who constructed the world famous jagannath temple at puri?
A)    Krishnavarman
B)    Anantvarman
C)    Devavarman
D)    None of these
       Answer: B

10. Who fought the battle of waihind (1009 AD)?
A)    Anandpala and mahmud ghazanavi

B)    Jayapala and muhmmad ghori
C)    Prithviraj chauhan and muhammad ghori
D)    Jaichandra and bakhtiyar khalji
         Answer: A

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