History Gk Quiz :: Railway Ntpc SSC CGL And SSC CHSL Exams

1.The local name of mohenjodaro is?
A)    Mound of the living
B)    Mound of the great
C)    Mound of the dead
D)    Mound of the servivor
Answer: C

2.The Indus valley civilization specialized in?
A)    Town planning
B)    Architecture
C)    Craftsmanship
D)    All of these
Answer: A

3.The famous figure of a dancing girl found in the excavation of mohenjodaro was made up of?
A)    Terracotta
B)    Steatite
C)    Bronze
D)    Red limestone
Answer: C

4.All the following statements regarding the Indus valley civilization are correct except?
A)    The Indus valley civilization was an advanced urban civilization
B)    Iron was not known to the people
C)    It is difficult to say to which race the people belonged
D)    The people knew nothing about agriculture
Answer: D

5. Out of the following remains excavated in indus valley, which one indicates the commercial and economic development?
A)    Pottery
B)    Seals
C)    Boats
D)    Houses
Answer: B

6.Which one of the following Indus civilization site gives evidence of a dockyard?
A)    Harappa
B)    Lothal
C)    Mohenjodaro
D)    Rakhigarhi
Answer: B

7.Which one of the following statements regarding harappan civilization is correct?
A)    The standard harappan seals were made of clay
B)    The inhabitants of Harappa had neither knowledge of copper nor bronze
C)    The harappan civilization was rural-based
D)    The inhabitants of Harappa grew and used cotton
Answer: D

8.From which one of the following places,remains of wells have been found in houses belonging to the developed stage of the Indus valley civilization?
A)    Harappa
B)    Kalibangan
C)    Lothal
D)    Mohenjodaro
Answer: D

9.     The archaeological finds from alamgirpur in Ghaziabad district reflected the?
A)    Harappa culture
B)    Vedic culture
C)    Mauryan culture
D)    Gupta period culture
Answer: A

10.  Rock cut architecture in harappan culture context has been found at?
A)    Kalibangan
B)    Dholavira
C)    Kotdiji
D)    Amri
Answer: B

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