Geography Gk Questions:: SSC CGL SSC CHSL And Railway Exams

1.The ocean surface currents follow clok wise circulatory paths in the northern parts of the pacific and atlantic oceans due to the?
A)    Convergence and divergence movements
B)    Corioli’s force
C)    Density differences in sea water
D)    Impact of prevailing winds
Answer: B

2.Which one of the following pairs of oceans currents meet each other near newfound land?
A)    Canaries and labrador
B)    Gulf stream and labrador
C)    Gulf stream and canaries
D)    Kuroshio and kurile
Answer: B

3.Which of the following factors are responsible for the change in the regular direction of the ocean currents in the india ocean?
A)    Indian ocean is only half an ocean
B)    Indian ocean has monsoon drift
C)    Indian ocean is a landlocked ocean
D)    Indian ocean has greater variations in salinity
Answer: B

4.Kuroshio is a warm ocean current which runs from?
A)    Philippines to japan
B)    Indonesia to philippines
C)    Japan to china
D)    Sri lanka to indonesia
Answer: A

5.In the absence of cold labrador current which one among the following would happen?
A)    There will be no north-east atlantic fishing grounds
B)    There will be no north-west atlantic fishing grounds
C)    There will be no fishing ground in the north atlantic ocean
D)    Semi-arid condition of the atlantic coast of the USA and canada would prevail
Answer: A

6.Which one of the following is not a factor modifying ocean currents?
A)    Direction and shape of the coast-line
B)    Tidal wave in the ocean
C)    Seasonal variations in winds
D)    Bottom topography
Answer: B

7.The current produced by upwelling of cold water off the coast of chile and peru is known as?
A)    Canary current
B)    Humboldt current
C)    Agulhas current
D)    Ei nino
Answer: B

8.Which one of the following is a warm ocean current?
A)    East australian current
B)    West australian current
C)    Benguela current
D)    Peru current
Answer: A

9.Which of the following seas has higest salinity in the world?
A)    Mediterranean sea
B)    Black sea
C)    Dead sea
D)    Red sea
Answer: A

10.The relief of the ocean floor is generally?
A)    More uniform than that of the continents
B)    Not of much significance
C)    More divers than that of the continents
D)    Show minor variation only
Answer: A

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