General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB Railway 29.03.2016 Exam Shift-1

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                Railway Recruitment Board(RRB) Conducted Successfully  RRB CBT 29.03.2016 Shift-1 EXAM  for the recruitment of RRB NTPC Non-Technical Posts ASM,TA,CA,Goods Guard. In this post we are Providing  General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB Railway 29.03.2016 Exam Shift-1. Today RRB exams has been held in 3 shifts and we have provided GK questions of all the three shifts. These Questions are based on memory from the students who appeared in this exam at respective shifts. Keep Visting for more updates.

Some of the General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB Railway 29.03.2016 Exam Shift-1 are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB Railway 29.03.2016 Exam Shift-1
The RRB Board Conducted the RRB NTPC CBT-2016 Exam Form 28th march To 30th April 2016 All Those Categories. Now Our Team Will Provide The Analysis Of  Today RRB Railway NTPC CBT 29th March Exam2016 Asked Questions On Memory Bases Questions.
RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) NTPC (Non-technical Popular Categories) CBT Exam – 2016 Asked Questions.
1St Shift Asked Questions:   

        1)     The Father of Vaccination
Answer: Adward jenner

        2)     Quit India Revolution?
       Answer: 18th aug – 1942 Launched By Mahatma Gandhi

       3)     Unesco headquarter?
Answer: Paris

       4)     Interpol headquarter located in
Answer: Lyon France

        5)     Where paper invented?
Answer: 100 BC In China

        6)     Environment day?
Answer: June 5

         7)     Thailand currny-
Answer:  Thai baht

        8)     smallest bone in human body
Answer: - stapes

        9)     subhash chandra bhose father’s name-
Answer: Janakinath Bose

 10)Who called semant Gandhi?
Answer: Khan Abudal Ghaffar Kahn

 11) National song written by?
Answer: Bankam Chandra Chartgi

12)Where do u find Kunchilal water falls?-
Answer: On Varahi River  Udipi –Simoga Dist, Karnataka

13) Gases behind greenhouse effect?
Answer: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone.

14) Founder of Weekimedia?
Answer: Jimmy wales

15) Organ that can grow and regenerate-
Answer: Liver

 16)  Land locked country?
Answer: Liechtenstein in Central Europe, surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.

 17)  Largest non polar desert in the world?
  Answer: Sahara

18) Which is landlocked country?
  Answer: Kyrgyzstan

19)  Who is Chief justice of India?
Answer: Justice TS Thakur

20. Tee term associated with which sports?
 Answer: Golf

 21. where is the island of Seychelles located?
  Answer: Mahe

  22) Last Mughal emperor?
   Answer: Bahadur Shah Zafar or Bhadur shah II

  23) Who Discover First Vaccine for Smallpox?

   Answer: Edward jenner

 24.Pollination by wind is called?
     Answer: Anemophily or wind pollination

25..Brightest star in our sky?
    Answer: Sirius A 

26.A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact written by?
     Answer: George Gheverghese Joseph

27.Mangalyan launched from?
     Answer: Sriharikota

28.RBI Nationalised in which year?
    Answer: 1949

29.Queen berry rules in which game?
     Answer: modern boxing

30.A Deep crack in glacier is called?
    Answer: crevasse

31.Largest fresh water lake?
    Answer: Lake Baikal

32.Granite is an example of?

33.Din-i-illahi founder?
    Answer:Mughal emperor Akbar

34. Football world cup team to win maximum no. Of times?
      Answer: Brazil.

35. Aurum is which metal?

36. which indian king used naval power to conquer ports of east asia?
Answer: Rajendra chola
37. Largest fresh water lake?
Answer: Wular Lake

38. Queensberry is associated to which sports?

Answer: Boxing

39.Name of  the writer of medieval Indian book on maths?
Answer: George Joseph

40. official language of Brazil?
Answer: Portuguese

41.Technology used in compact disc?
Answer: optical laser

42.Minimum age to be a member of lok sabha?

Answer: 25 years

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