General English Study Notes(Error - Detection) For SSC All Competitive Exams

Directions (01 to 10) : Some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has error and mark the corresponding to the appropriate letter (A, B, C). If there is no error,mark the corresponding to (D) .

01. (A) Residents have planting the ornamental trees outside / (B) their homes and in lawns to /(C) add beauty and give their place a grand look. / (D) No error

02. (A) He said that the performance of the Indian team / (B) was satisfactory and that they learnt a lot from / (C) watching top seeded players through action at the grand slam. / (D) No error                                    

03. (A) Watching the exponential talent of world tennis / (B) was the best things /(C) to happen to him. / (D) No error

04. (A) The meeting took place a day after / (B) the agency held a meeting with project contractors / (C) to evaluate steps to be taken to ensure that the buildings were not affected. /(D) No error

05. (A) The director explained / (B) the theme and the concept of / (C) the international folk festival. / (D) No error

06. (A) The fight among rival candidates between the medium / (B) of catchy slogans / (C) has started. / (D) No error

07. (A) The process revising figures of damage / (B) to get additional compensation / (C) has begun. / (D) No error

08. (A) Farmers who grow the crop /(B) are the worse hit, as the investment / (C) I hey make on a crop is huge as compared to the profit. / (D) No error

09. (A) While these schools have/ (13) a strong traditional hold, the reason for / (C) forming a consortium in India is to encourage cultural diversity for their institutes. / (D) No error

10. (A) The Government soon will make / (B) it mandatory for all private hospitals / (C) to notify infectious cases as soon as they are detected. / (D) No error

Answers With Explanations

01.(A); Change ‘planting’ into ‘planted’ because in present perfect tense’, 3rd form of verb is used after ‘has/have’.

02.(C); Change ‘through’ into ‘in’.

03.(B); Change ‘things’ into thing’ because the main subject is exponential talent’, which is singular. So it is followed by singular verb’ and singular noun’.

04.(B); Change held’ into had held’. When ‘after’ is used in a sentence and two actions take place one after another then 1st action is in ‘past perfect tense’ and 2nd action is in ‘simple past tense’.

05.(B); Remove ‘the’ that is before ‘concept’ because there is only singular subject for which two nouns ‘theme’ and concept’ have been used.

06.(A); Change ‘ between’ into through’. With ‘medium’ we use ‘through’ not. ‘between’.

07.(A); Change ‘revising’ into ‘to revise’ or ‘of revising’.

08.(C); Change ‘a crop’ into ‘the crop’. Here we are talking about a   definite crop’ so article ‘the’ is used.

09.(C); Change ‘for’ into ‘in’.

10.(A); Add ‘ soon’ after will’. ‘Soon’ is an adverb and it will come near the that it qualifies.

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