Economy Quiz For SSC CGL SSC CHSL And Railway Ntpc Exam

1. Disguised employment refers to?
A)    Persons with no job
B)    Unemployment among housewives
C)    Unemployment among people above 60 years of age
D)    Employment of more persons in a job which lesser number of persons can accomplish
Answer: D

2. In terms of human development index the most developed state of India is?
A)    Kerala
B)    Punjab
C)    Tamil nadu
D)    Uttar pradesh
Answer: A

3. The chairman of the national knowledge commission is?
A)    Rahul gandhi
B)    Rahul bajaj
C)    M.S.Swaminathan
D)    Sam pitroda
Answer: D

4. Under the national rural employment guarantee scheme, number of days for which employment guarantee during one year has been given is?
A)    90 days
B)    100 days
C)    120 days       CBT Online Bits
D)    180 days
Answer: B

5. Who among the following developed the concept of human development index?
A)    Amartya sen
B)    A.S.Kadir
C)    Alva mydal
D)    Mehboob-ul-haq
Answer: D

6.The national rural employment scheme was launched throughout the contry from?
A)    1-4-2007
B)    2-10-2007
C)    14-11-2007
D)    1-4-2008
Answer: D

7. Mid-day meal scheme was launched in 1995 to promote?
A)    Audult literacy
B)    Secondary education
C)    Universalization of primary education
D)    None of these
Answer: C

8. National rural employment guaratee act( NREGA)  does NOT?
A)    Promote inclusive growth
B)    Guarantee 100  days employment in a year to every adult member of a rural household
C)    Enhances livelohood security to rural households
D)    Guarantee wage empolyment
Answer: A

9. Swarnajayanti gram swarojgar yojana was started in the year?
A)    1999
B)    2000
C)    2001         Soils Of India
D)    2004
Answer: A

10.National rural health mission ( NRHM) was launched?
A)    2003
B)    2004
C)    2005
D)    2006
Answer: C

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