Economy Quiz For SSC CGL SSC CHSL And SSC CPO Railway Exams

1. The base year for computation of national income in India is:
A)    1990-91
B)    1993-94
C)    1999-2000
D)    2000-01
           Answer:  B

2. The main source of national income in india is:
A)    Service sector
B)    Agriculture
C)    Industrial sector
D)    Trade sector
          Answer:  A

3. The per capita income in India was $ 20 in 1867 -68 was ascertained for the first time by :
A)    Dadabhai naoroji
B)    R.C.Dutta
C)    M.G.Ranade
D)    W. Hunter
          Answer:  A

4. The national income of a country is :
A)    The annual revenue of the government
B)    Sum total of factor incomes
C)    Surplus of public sector undertakings
D)    Export minus import
          Answer:  B
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5. As the economy develops, the share of the tertiary sector in the GDP:
A)    Decreases
B)    Decreases then increases
C)    Increases
D)    Remains constant
   Answer: C

6. Who had estimated national income in India first?
A)    Dadabhai  naoroji
B)    R.C.Dutt
C)    V.K.R.V.Rao
D)    D.R.Gadgil
Answer:  A

7. Hindu rate of growth refers to the rate of growth of:
A)    GDP
B)    Population
C)    Foodgrains
D)    Per capita income
    Answer:  A

8. Which of the following can be called as a part of the service sector?
A)    Textile mills
B)    Banking
C)    Coal mines
D)    Agriculture                           Railway Exam Quiz 
     Answer: B

9. National income is based on the?
A)    Total revenue of the state
B)    Production of goods and services
C)    Net profit earned and expenditure made by the state
D)    The sum of all factions of income
          Answer: B

10. Which one of the following is not a method of measurement of national income?
A)    Value added method
B)    Income method
C)    Expenditure method
D)    Investment method

          Answer: D 

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