Economy Quiz For Railway And SSC CGL SSC CHSl Exams

Economy Quiz For Railway And SSC CGL SSC CHSl Exams
Economy Quiz For Railway And SSC CGL SSC CHSl Exams 

                 1. The state which has the highest percentage of literate unemployed in india is ?
A)    Andhra pradesh
B)    Manipur
C)    Kerala
D)    Gujarat
Answer: C

                 2. Who amongst the following are the most literate in india as per 2001 census ?
A)    Buddhists
B)    Christians
C)    Jains
D)    Sikkhs
Answer: C

                3. The first census in india during the british period was held during the tenure of ?
A)    Lord dufferin
B)    Lord lytton
C)    Lord mayo
D)    Lord ripon
Answer: C

                4. According to increasing population, arrange the following states and find out correct answer          from the code?
1.     Uttar pradesh           
2.     West bengal
3.     Madhya pradesh
4.     Maharashtra
      A) 1,2,3,4
      B) 1,4,2,3
      C) 2,3,1,4
      D) 3,2,4,1
       Answer: D

                5. By 2001 literacy average in India touched?
A)    65.38 % of the population
B)    75.85 % of the population
C)    54.16 % of the population
D)    57.36 % of the population
Answer: A

               6. The four most populous states of india are ?
A)    Uttar pradesh, maharashtra, bihar, west bengal
B)    Uttar pradesh, maharashtra, rajasthan, gujarat
C)    Uttar pradesh, bihar, andhra pradesh, tamil nadu
D)    Maharashtra, karnataka, madhya pradesh, tamil nadu
Answer: A

                7. In india, the highest decline in sex ratio during 1991-2001 has been observed in ?
A)    Haryana
B)    Himachal pradesh
C)    Dadra and nagar haveli
D)    Daman and diu
Answer: D

                8. In india the highest concentration of slum population is in the state of ?
A)    Andhra pradesh
B)    Maharashtra
C)    Uttar pradesh
D)    West bengal
Answer: B

               9. During which five year plan was the emrgency clamped new elections took place and the janata party was elected?
A)    Thrird
B)    Fourth
C)    Fifth
D)    Sixth
Answer: C

               10. Inclusive growth as enunciated in the eleventh five year plan does NOT include one of the following?
A)    Reduction of poverty
B)    Extension of employment opportunities
C)    Reduction of gender inequality
D)    Strengthening of capital market
Answer: D 

               11. In the context of India’s five yer plans a shift in the pattern of industrialization with lower emphasis of heavy industries and move on infrastructure gegins in?
A)    Fourth plan
B)    Sixth plan
C)    Eighth plan
D)    Tenth plan
Answer: B

              12. Which amongst the following state/Uts has NOT identified tribal community?
A)    Chhattisgarh
B)    Haryana
C)    Maharsashtra
D)    Delhi
Answer: D

               13. Identify the indian state which has the lowest sex ratio?
A)    Haryana
B)    Punjab
C)    Utttar pradesh
D)    Arunachal pradesh
Answer: A

              14. In India population density is defined as the number of persons?
A)    Per square mile
B)    Per square kolometre
C)    Per lakh square mile
D)    Per lakh square kilometre
Answer: B

              15. A high growth rate of population is characerised by?
A)    High birth and high death rate
B)    High birth and low death rate
C)    Low birth and low death rate
D)    Low birth and high death rate
Answer: B 

               16.The most literate union territory in India is?
A)    Delhi
B)    Lakshadweep
C)    Chandigarh
D)    Pondicherry
Answer: B

              17. Which state of India has the largest area?
A)    Uttar pradesh
B)    Madhya pradesh
C)    Maharashtra
D)    Rajasthan
Answer: D 

              18. In the history of India population which duration period is referred to as a great leap forward?
A)    1921-1931
B)    1941-1951
C)    1951-1961
D)    1971-1981
Answer: C

              19. During which decade did the population of india record a negative growth rate?
A)    1911-21
B)    1921-31
C)    1931-41
D)    1941-51
Answer: A

              20. The 2011 census could be the?
A)    13TH census
B)    14th census
C)    15th census
D)    16th census
                  Answer: C

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