Biology Quiz For Railway And SSC Exams

            1. Which one of following contain no enzyme?
A)    Bacteria
B)    Virus
C)    Lichen
D)    Algae
Answer: B

            2. The virus which attack the bacterial cell are called?
A)    Tobaco mosic virus
B)    Cynophage
C)    Bacteriphage
D)    Mycophaes
Answer: C

            3.  HIV often changes its shape due to the presence of an enzyme is called?
A)    Reverse transcriptase
B)    Enterokinase
C)    Nucleotidase
D)    Nucleoditase
Answer: A

            4.   Branch of biology wchich deals with study of heredity and variation?
A)    Histology
B)    Cytology
C)    Genetics      History Study Notes
D)    Evolution
Answer: C

            5. Binomial nomenclature means?
A)    One name given by two scientists
B)    One name comprising a generic and a specific epithet
C)    Two names, one latinised, other of a person
D)    Two name one scientific other local
Answer: B

            6.  Natural system of classification is based on?
A)    Ontogeny
B)    Phylogeny
C)    Morphology
D)    Phylogeny and morphology
Answer: D
            7.  The study of principles and procedures of classification is?
A)    Nomenclature
B)    Taxonomy
C)    Classification          Mixed Quiz 
D)    Indentification
Answer: B

            8.  Five kingdom classification of whittaker is mainly based on?
A)    Nucleus
B)    Cell structure
C)    Mode of nutrition
D)    Complexity of organ
Answer: C

            9.  Statement which is true about bacteria?
A)    All bacteria are autotrophs
B)    All bacteria are heterotrophs
C)    Most of them are heterotrophs but some are autotrophs
D)    All bacteria are photosynthetic
Answer: C

            10.  Palaeobotany is the branch of botany is which we study about?
A)    Animal fosills
B)    Plant fossils
C)    Seed of plant
D)    Flower?
Answer: B

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