{31 March 2016} 1st Shift Gk Questions Asked In Railway NTPC CBT Exam

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RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) has started conducting the all India entrance exam  For RRB NTPC Non Technical Posts from 28th March 2016 in different shifts to fill ASM,TA,CA,Goods Guard Posts, in this post we are providing you some of the Gk Questions which were asked in the Second Shift of Railway Exam held on 31th March 2016.Today RRB exams has been held in 3 shifts and we have provided GK questions of all the three shifts. These Questions are based on memory from the students who appeared in this exam at respective shifts.

Some of the General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB Railway 31.03.2016 Exam Shift-1 are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

We Have Once Again Come Up With Railway CBT Exam General Knowledge Questions Asked In RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) NTPC CBT Exam 31 March 2016

Gk Questions Asked In Today(31.03.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1/Slot-1

1.2019 cricket world cup Hosting Country:
Answer:  England

2.When was The Asia Games Started In India?
Answer: 1951(www.ssc-ibps.com)

3.Banker Of Banks

4.National Unity Day?
Ans: Oct 31(www.ssc-ibps.com)

5. PM Modi Announced New Program/Scheme  For Farmers?
Ans: Crop Insurance scheme

6. Who Is Gandhiji Guru
Ans: Gopala Krishna Gokhale(www.ssc-ibps.com)

7. Osama Bin Laden Killed At?

8. Nasa Head Quarter Located At?
Ans: Washington DC

9.National HighWay Greenary Plan?
Ans: To Plant Trees Along 6,000 km Of Highways

10.Coins Made Up Of ?
Ans: Ferritic Steel

11. Kudankulam Situated At?
Ans: Tamilanadu(www.ssc-ibps.com)

12. First Women Cm In India?
Ans:Sucheta Kriplani(www.ssc-ibps.com)

13.Chandryan-1 lanuched on Which Year
Ans: 20008(www.ssc-ibps.com)

14. Who hits 6 sixes In World cup T20?

Ans: yuvraj Singh

15. Highest Tea Producing State In India?
Ans: Assam(www.ssc-ibps.com)

16.Who Won Gold Medal In tennis in 2012 Olympic Games?
Ans: Andy Murray

17. IMO - 
Ans:International Maritime Organisation?(www.ssc-ibps.com)

18. Kuchipudi Belong To Which State?
Ans: Andhra Pradesh(www.ssc-ibps.com)

19. World Heritage site by UNSECO in 1985?
Ans: Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary(www.ssc-ibps.com)

20. NFC is  Based On?
Ans:RFIC(Radio Frequency Identification)

21.Larynx Is?
Ans: Voice Box

22. Who Appoints Governor?
Ans: President(www.ssc-ibps.com)

23. WebPages Are Written In ?

24. Dialysis  Is Treatment For ?
Ans: Kidney(www.ssc-ibps.com)

25. 2018 Fifa World Cup Venue?

26. Captcha Used For?
Ans: Security

27.World Heritage site by UNSECO in 1985?
Ans: Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

28.Water droplets causes rainbow due to?
Ans: description Of Light

29.Partition of Bengal in 1905 is done by?
Ans: viceroy of India, lord Curzon

30.Young Crocodile is Called?
Ans: hatchling

31.Nustar X- rays is used to detect?
Ans: Black Holes

32.Most Spread forest in India?
Ans: tropical dry decidous(www.ssc-ibps.com)

33.Who plays key role in Nalanda University?
Ans: Chancellor

34.2014 Common Wealth games badminton winner at Glassgow
Ans. Parupalli Kashyap.

35. Evaporation of Liquid to absorb heat is a principle used in?
Ans: Reverse Osmosis   

36.If temperature raises by about 5.4 to 8 degree Fahrenheit then this condition is
Ans: Global Warming

37.Water is mixure of
Ans: Hydrogen and oxygen

38. Radish is a fruit or vegetable?           
Ans: vegetable

39.Odd man out? (malware, phishing , ransom ware , spam)
Ans. Spam

40.Common thing among …. Boat , ship , submarine , yatch
Ans. All are water transports.

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