RRB NTPC Exam(ASM,Goods Guard, TA, CA) - 2016 :: Mock Test 2

RRB NTPC Exam(ASM,Goods Guard, TA, CA) - 2016 :: Mock Test 2
RRB NTPC Exam(ASM,Goods Guard, TA, CA) - 2016 :: Mock Test 2
1.     The great law giver of ancient times was?
A)    Manu
B)    Vatsyayana
C)    Ashoka
D)    Aryabhatta

2.     The word gotra occurs for the first time in?
A)    Rigaveda
B)    Samaveda
C)    Yajurveda
D)    Atharvaveda

3.     Which one of the following Is the distinctive feature between a nastika and astika system in india?
A)    Belief in the existence of god
B)    Belief in the doctrine of rebirth
C)    Belief in the authenticity of the Vedas
D)    Belief in te existence of heaven and hell

4.     Eclipses occur due to which optical phenomena?
A)    Reflection
B)    Refraction
C)    Rectilinear propagation
D)    Diffraction

5.     The earth rotates around an axis pointing towards?
A)    The moon
B)    The pole star
C)    The sun
D)    Venus

6.     Which of the following acts was described by jawaharlal Nehru as charter of slavery?
A)    Regulating act of 1773
B)    Pitt’s india act of 1784
C)    Government of india act, 1919
D)    Government of india act, 1935

7.     In which year did the parliament adopt indian constitution?
A)    1947
B)    1948
C)    1950
D)    1952

8.     Which act introduced diarchy at the centre?
A)    Indian council act, 1909
B)    Government of india act,1919
C)    Government of india act, 1935
D)    The Indian independence act, 1947

9.     Depreciation is equal to?
A)    Gross national product-net national product
B)    Net national product-gross national product
C)    Gross national product-personal income
D)    Personal income-personal taxes

10.  Which one of the following is not a method of measurement of national income?
A)    Value added method
B)    Income method
C)    Expenditure method
D)    Investment method

11.  Net national product(NNP) of a country is?
A)    GDP minus depreciation allowances
B)    GDP plus net income from abroad
C)    GNP minus net income from abroad
D)    GNP minus depreciation allowances

12.  During the recent venus transit (june 2012) the planet appeared as a tiny black circle moving on the sun. the black colour on the sun is because the palnet?
A)    Is black in colour
B)    Obstructed all light from the sun
C)    Was invisible due to bright rays from the sun
D)    Behaved as a black hole during its transit

13.  Which one among the following is called terrestrial planet?
A)    Mercury
B)    Jupiter
C)    Saturn
D)    Uranus

14.  The earth is at its maximum distance from the sun on?
A)    January 30th
B)    December 22nd
C)    September 22nd
D)    July 4th

15.  which was not a member of cabinet mission?
C)    A.v.Alexander
D)    John simon

16.  Which of the following was the biggest source for the constitution of india?
A)    The government of india act, 1919
B)    The government of india act, 1935
C)    The Indian independence act, 1947
D)    None of the above

17.  The constitution of india came into force on?
A)    December 9, 1946
B)    January 26, 1949
C)    January 26, 1950
D)    November 26, 1951

18.  Nyaya darshan was propagated by?
A)    Gautama
B)    Kapil
C)    Kanada
D)    Jaimini

19.  Ashatadhyayi was written by?
A)    Ved vyas
B)    Panini
C)    Shukadeva
D)    Balmiki

20.  The manu smriti mainly deals with?
A.    Social Order
B.    Learmed
C.    Priest
D.    waririor

21.  National income is based on the?
A)    Total revenue of the state
B)    Production of goods and services
C)    Net profit earned and expenditure made by the state
D)    The sum of all factions of income

22.  Which of the following is definitely a major indication of the state of the economy of a country
A)    Rate of GDP growth
B)    Rate of inflation
C)    Number of banks in a country
D)    Stock of foodgrains in a country

23.  Which of the following can be called as a part of the service sector?
A)    Textile mills
B)    Banking
C)    Coal mines
D)    Agriculture
E)    None of these

24.  One degree of the circumference of the earth measures (approx)?
A)    100 km
B)    111 km
C)    151km
D)    172 km

25.  Why do we have a leap year every four years?
A)    The earth gets shifted out of orbit every four years
B)    The revolution slows down a little onve every four year
C)    The length of a year is not an integer number of days
D)    It is a convention

26.  The brightest planet is?
A)    Jupiter
B)    Mars
C)    Venus
D)    Mercury

27.  The earth rotate around its axis from?
A)    Twilight
B)    Rising sun
C)    Very bright moon
D)    Sun shining in the polary circle for long time

28.  Purushmedha i.e. Male sacrifice is referred to in?
A)    Krishna yajurveda
B)    Shukla yajurveda
C)    Shatapatha Brahman
D)    Panchvisha Brahman

29.  Who composed the gayatri mantra?
A)    Vishwamitra
B)    Vasishtha
C)    Indra
D)    Parikshit

30.  Author of nayaya sutra was?
A)    Gautam
B)    Kanad
C)    Kapil
D)    Badrayan

31.  The word Aryan means?
A)    Of good family
B)    Cultivator
C)    Pastoral society
D)    Brahmachari

32.  The supreme court of India was set up by the?
A)    Regulating act, 1773
B)    Pitt’s india act, 1784
C)    Charter act, 1813
D)    Charter act, 1833

33.  The distribution of powers between the centre and the states in the Indian constitution is based on the scheme provided in the?
A)    Morley – minto reforms, 1909
B)    Montagu – Chelmsford act, 1919
C)    Government of india act, 1935
D)    Indian independence act, 1947

34.  Who was the chairman of the union power committee of constituent assembly of india?
A)    Sardar vallabhabhai patel
B)    DR.B.R.Ambedkar
C)    Sir alladi krishnaswami ayya
D)    Pt.jawaharlal nehru

35.  What was the basis for constituting the constituent assembly of india?
A)    The resolution of indian national congress
B)    The cabinet mission plan, 1946
C)    The indian independence act, 1947
D)    the resolution of the provincial/state legislature of the dominion of india

36.  Many a times we read a term in financial newspapers GDP. What is the full from of the same?
A)    Gross domestic profuct
B)    Global  domestic ratio
C)    Gross depository receipts
D)    Global depository receipts
E)    None of these

37.  Hindu rate of growth refers to the rate of growth of:
A)    GDP
B)    Population
C)    Foodgrains
D)    Per capita income

38.  Who had estimated national income in India first?
A)    Dadabhai  naoroji
B)    R.C.Dutt
C)    V.K.R.V.Rao
D)    D.R.Gadgil

39.  As the economy  develops, the share of the tertiary sector in the GDP:
A)    Decreases
B)    Decreases then increases
C)    Increases
D)    Remains constant

40.  The name of Saturn’s largest moon is?
A)    Mimas
B)    Enceladus
C)    Titan
D)    Tethys

41.  The mean radius of the earth is?
A)    3200 km
B)    6400 km
C)    9600 km
D)    12800 km

42.  The total surface area of earth is?
A)    510 million sq.km
B)    610 million sq.km
C)    710 million sq.km
D)    810 million sq.km

43.  What is the approximate equatorial circuference of the earth?
A)    30,000 km
B)    35,000 KM
C)    40.000 km
D)    45.000 km

44.  Which one of the following four Vedas contains an account of magical charms and spells?
A)    Rigaveda
B)    Samaveda
C)    Yajurveda
D)    Atharvaveda

45.  The religion of early Vedic Aryans was primarily of?
A)    Bhakti
B)    Image worship and yajnas
C)    Worship of nature and yajnas
D)    Worship of nature and bhakti

46.  The Indian king who opposed alexznder was?
                  A) Ambhi
                  B) Porus
                 C) Dhanananda
                 D) Chandragupta
           47.  The ancient name of north Bihar was?
                 A) Vajji
                 B) Vatsa
                 C) Surasena
                 D) Avanti

48.  The constitution of India was adopted on?
A)    26th january,1950
B)    26th january,1949
C)    26th november,1949
D)    15th august,1947

49.  Who presided over the first meeting of the Indian constituent assembly?
A)    Dr.Rajendra prasad
B)    Sachchidananda sinha
C)    B.R.Ambedkar
D)    H.V.Kamath

50.  Who among the following was the advisor to the drafting committee of constituent assembly?
A)    B.Shiva rao
B)    B.R.Ambedkar
C)    Sachchidananda sinha
D)    B.N.Rau

51.  The constituent assembly of India started functioning from?
A)    9th december,1946
B)    1st january,1947
C)    26th january,1947
D)    15th august,1947
             52. Dry ice is-
                  A) Ice which never melts
                  B) A term used for insensitive persons
                  C) Solid carbon dioxide
                  D) Frozen heavy water
             53. The compound which can be used to prepare iodoform is-
                   A) Accetic acid
                   B) Methyl iodide
                   C) Acetone
                   D) Propionaldehyde

             54. The phenomenon of “metamerism” is shown by-
                   A) Acetone and Propionaldehyde
                   B) Methyl propylether and diethyl ether
                   C) Ethyl alcohol and dimethyl ether
                   D) Propionic acid and acetic acid
             55. Caustic Soda is —
                   A) Nacl
                   B) Na2CO3
                   C) NaOH
                   D) NaHCO3

             56. Chemical formula of Water glass is —
                   A) Na2SiO3
                   B) Al2O3
                   C) NaAlO2
                   D) CaSiO3

             57. Which of the following is not a bleaching agent?
                  A) Sulpher di-oxide
                  B) Carbon di-oxide
                  C) Sodium hypochlorite
                  D) Chlorine

             58. Soda water contains —
                  A) Nitrous acid
                  B) Carbonic acid
                  C) Carbon dioxide
                  D) Sulphuric acid

             59. Which of the following is basis of the modern periodic table?
                  A) Atomic mass
                  B) Atomic number
                  C) Atomic size
                  D) Atomic volume

             60. Of the following metals, which one pollutes the air of a big city?
                  A) Copper
                  B) Cadmium
                  C) Lead
                  D) Chromium

            61. The profit earned after selling an article for Rs. 1,754 is the same as loss incurred after selling the article for Rs. 1,492. What is the cost price of the article?
                  A) Rs. 1,623
                  B) Rs. 1,523
                  C) Rs. 1,689
                  D) Rs. 1,589

          62. Rubina decides to donate 16% of his monthly salary to an NGO. On the day of donation she changed her mind and donated Rs. 6,567 which was 75% of what she had decided earlier. How much is Rubinan's salary
                 A) Rs. 8,756.
                 B) Rs. 54,725
                 C) Rs. 6, 56,700
                 D) Rs. 45,696

           63. A car covers a distance of 816 kms. In 720 minutes. What is the speed of the car in kms? /hr.?
                 A) 64 km/hr
                 B) 62 km/hr
                 C) 68 km/hr
                 D) 65 km/hr  

          64. the average of 4 consecutive even numbers a, B, C and D is 99. What is the product of B and D?
                 A) 9948
                 B) 9996
                 C) 9900
                 D) 9408

          65. The difference between 89% of a number and 72% of the same number is 391. What is 48% of that number?
                 A) 986
                 B) 1098
                 C) 1104
                 D) 1212

         66. The ratio of the ages A and B seven years ago was 3: 4 respectively. The ratio of their ages nine years from now will be 7: 8 respectively. What is B's age at present?
                 A) 16 years
                 B) 19 years
                 C) 28 years
                 D) 23 years

       67. A and B together can complete a particular task in 4 days. If A alone can complete the same task in 12 days, how many days will B take to complete the task if he works alone?
                A) 9 days
                B) 6 days
               C) 5 days
               D) 3 days

    68.A rectangular field has its length and breadth in the ratio 6:5 respectively.A man riding a bicycle,completes one loop of this field along its perimeter at the speed of 19.8 km/hr in 2 minute.what is the area of the field.
              A) 19200 m^2
              B) 27000 m^2 
              C) 19300 m^2
              D) 32500 m^2

       69. What would be the compound interet accured on an amount of Rs 45400 at the end of two years at the rate of 15 Percent per annum ?
             A) 16411.5
             B) 14461.5
             C) 16461.5
             D) 14641.5 

     70.Ravi can swim in a river with a speed of 9 kmph in downstream  and  swim with 5 kmph in upstream. what is the speed of ravi in still water.
             A) 7 kmph
             B) 4 kmph
             C) 6 kmph
             D) 3.5 kmph

     71. Rahul purchased a house for Rs.  10 lakh. He sold it at 6% loss. With that money he again purchased another house and sold it at a profit of 12%. What is his overall loss/profit?
             A) Rs. 54, 600 profit
             B) Rs. 51, 800 loss
             C) Rs. 52, 800 profit
             D) Rs. 51, 900 loss
    Directions: What approximate value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following questions?

       72. 28. 948 + 37.008 + 46.998 – 195.99 – 784.01 = ?
             A) 71
             B) 79
             C) 85
             D) 55

       73. (31.98)^2 – (35.0B)^2 + (19.0C)^2 = ?^2 + sqroot(255)
            A) +/- 13
            B) +/- 18
            C) +/- 9
            D) +/- 12

Directions: What value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following questions?

       74. (779 + 55C)/ 33. 3 + 528 = ?/9
            A) 5012
            B) 5112
            C) 5462
            D) 5222 

       75. 71 – 1596 ÷ 57 ÷ 4 = ?
            A) 62
            B) 54
            C) 68
            D) 64

       76. (3496 – 100B) ÷ 43 × 12 = 456 + ?
            A) 220
            B) 260
            C) 240
            D) 250

Directions: What value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following number series?

       77. 4, 16, 52, 160, ?
           A) 472
           B) 474
           C) 484
           D) 468

       78. 9, 10, 24, 81, ?
           A) 340
           B) 320
           C) 345
           D) 360

       79. 11, 6, 10.5, 28.75, ?
           A) 108.125
           B) 100.125
           C) 104
           D) 104.125

     80. A sum of Rs. 1550 was lent partly at 5% and partly at 8% simple interest. The total interest received after 3 years is Rs. 300. The ratio of money lent at 5% to that at 8% is :
          A) 5 : 8
          B) 8 : 5
          C) 31 : 6
          D) 16 : 15

       81. 11 : 132 : :  __?__ .
          A) 10 : 100
          B) 9 : 90
          C) 13 : 169
          D) 15 : 250

       82. 1/9   1/81  ,1/13 __?__ .
          A) 1/169
          B) 1/125
          C) 1/120
          D) 1/127

       83. AB : ZY : : CD : __?__ .
           A) WX
           B) UV
           C) XW
           D) VU

       84. Sheep : mutton : : Deer : __?__ .
           A) meat
           B) flesh
           C) venison
           D) veal

       85. Cobbler : Leather : : Tailor : __?__ .
           A) Cloth
           B) Shirt
           C) Draper
           D) Thread

       86. FLOWER : REWOLF : : FURITS : __?__ .
            A) STUIRF
            B) STIRUF
            C) STUIFR
            D) STRUIF

Direction (87-90): In each of the following questions, select the one which is different from the other three responses

           A) TPDC
           B) BKDF
           C) OLTF
           D) BJLQ

           A) Distribution
           B) Dispersion
           C) Diversion
           D) Dilution

           A) 6
           B) 24
           C) 64
           D)  120

           A) Bachelor
           B) Widow
           C) Spinster
           D) Wife

      91. If (i) M is brother of N; (ii) B is brother of N; and (iii) M is brother of D, then which of the following statements is definitely true?
          A) N is brother of B.
          B) N is brother of D.
          C) M is brother of B.
          D) D is brother of M.

     92. Deepak is brother of Ravi. Reena is sister of Atul. Ravi is son of Reena. How is Deepak related to Reena?
          A) Son
          B) Brother
          C) Nephew
          D) Father

     93. Q is the brother of R; P is the sister of Q; T is the brother of S; R is the daughter of S. Who are the cousins of Q?
         A) R and P
         B) P and T
         C) Q and T
         D) S and T

     94. E is the son of A. D is the son of B. E is married to C. C is B’s daughter. How is D related to E?
         A) Brother
         B) Uncle
         C) Father-in-law
         D) Brother-in-law

     95. A is father of C and D is son of B. E is brother of A. If C is sister of D, how is B related to E?
          A) Daughter
          B) Brother-in-law
          C)  Husband
          D) Sister-in-law

    96. In a certain code, ORDER is written as ×÷$#÷ and BOARD is written as ê×%÷$. How is ABODE written in that code?
         A) %ê×$#
         B) ê×$#÷
         C) %ê× $÷
         D) ÷ê×$#

     97. In a certain code, DEAF is written as 3587 and FILE is written as 7465. How is IDEAL written in that code?
        A) 43568
        B) 43586
        C) 63548
        D) 48536

    98. In a certain code, EAT is written as 318 and CHAIR is written as 24156. What will TEACHER be written as?
       A) 8312346
       B) 8321436
      C) 8312436
      D) 8313426

     99. If DELHI is coded as 73541 and CALCUTTA as 82589662, how can CALICUT be coded?
      A) 5279431
      B) 5978213
      C) 8251896
      D) 8543691

    100. If ENGLAND is written as 1234526 and FRANCE is written as 785291, how is GREECE coded?
      A) 381171
      B) 381191
      C) 832252
      D) 835545


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