RRB NTPC EXAM - 2016 :: Previous Papers Bits Set-5

1. The freedom fighter who died in jail due to hunger strike was
      A. Bhagat Singh
      B. Bipin Chandra Pal
      C. Jatin Das
      D. S. C. Bose
      Answer:  C

2. Poona Pact was signed between
     A. Gandhiji and lord Irwin
     B. Gandhiji and Jinnah
     C. Gandhiji and SC Bose
     D. Gandhiji and Ambedkar
     Answer: D

3. Sarvodaya stands for
     A. total revolution
     B. non-corperation
     C. upliftment of all
     D. non- violence
     Answer:  C

4. ‘India war of Independence 1857’ is written by
     A. S N Sen
     B. R C Majumbar
     C. V D Savarkar
     D. S B Chaudhari
      Answer: C

5. The vijay Satamabha (Tower of Victory) at Chittor was built by
      A.  Rana pratap
      B. Rana kumbha
      C. Rana Sanga
      D. Bappa Raval
      Answer: B

6. Rotation of earth causes deflection of wind by
     A. Coriolis force
     B. Dynamic force
     C. Gradient Force
     D. Gravity Force
     Answer: A

7. What does happens water is condensed into ice?
     A. Heat is absorbed
     B. Heat is released
     C. Heat unchanged
     D. None of these
      Answer: A

8. The highest grade and best quality coal is
     A. Lignite
    B. Peat
    C. Bituminous
    D. Anthracite
     Answer:  D

9. Enegry that is produced commerically from coal is called
     A. Light enegry
     B. Kinetic enegry
     C. Thermal enegry
     D. potential enegry
     Answer: C

10. The island of corsica is associated with
      A. Mussolini
      B. Hitler
      C. Napolean Bonaparte
      D. Winston Churchill
       Answer: C

11. The speaker’s vote in the Lok Sabha is called
       A. Casting vote
       B. Sound vote
       C. Direct vote
       D. Indirect vote
       Answer: A

12. Union Budget always presented  first in
       A. The Lok Sabha
       B. The Rajya Sabha
       C. Joint Sections of the Parliament
       D. State Assemblies
       Answer:  A

13. Which of the following is an extra constitutional body?
      A. UPSC
      B. Finance Commission
      C. Election Commission
      D. Planning Commision
       Answer: D

14. when was the first national Forest policy issued by the Government of India?
       A. 1942
       B. 1947
        C. 1950
        D. 1955
        Answer: C

15. Singhbhum is famous for
      A. Coal
      B. Iron
      C. Copper
      D. Aluminium
      Answer: B

16.The standard of living in a country is represented by its
     A. Poverty Ratio
     B. Per capita Income
     C. National Income
     D. unemployment Rate
     Answer: B

17. The blue Revolution is related with
     A. fish production
     B. food grain production
     C. oilseed production
      D. milk production
       Answer: A

18. The fertile land between two rivers is called
      A. watershed
      B. water divide
      C. doab
      D. terai
      Answer: C

19. Curie is unit of
      A. enegry of gsmms rays
      B. half life
      C. intensity of gamma rays
      D. radioactivity
      Answer: D

20. The fuel used in nuclear power plants is
      A. U-235
      B. U-238
      C. U-236
      D. U-239
      Answer: A

21. Benzene is a polymer of
     A.  methane
     B. acetylene
     C. ethane
     D. ethylene
    Answer: B

22. Aristotle is not known as
     A. father of Biology
     B. father of Zoology
     C. founder of Embryology
     D. father of Botany

23. Bacteria helpful in making curd from milk
      A. Mycobacterium
      B. Staphlio coccus
      C.  Lacto bacillus
      D. Yeast
      Answer: C

24. Which microrganism causes hepatitis B?
      A. Virus
      B. Protozoa
      C. Bacteria
      D. None of these
      Answer: A

25. Which of the following is not a KharifCrop?
       A. Cotton
       B. Groundnut
       C. Maize
       D. mustard
       Answer: C

 26. In which organ of the human body are lymphocytes cells formed?
      A. Liver
      B. Long Bone
      C. Pancrease
      D. Spleen
      Answer: B

27. The Bone tibia is found in
      A. Skull
      B. Leg
      C. Arm
      D. Mouth
      Answer: B

28. Haemoglobin is an important component of
       A. RBC
       B. WBC
       C. Platletees
       D. Cytoplasm
       Answer: A

29. The major component of honey is
       A. Glucose
       B. Sucrose
       C. Maltose
       D. Fructose
       Answer: D

30. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the
       A. Compiler
       B. loader
       C. Operating System
       D. assembler
       Answer: C 


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