RRB NTPC EXAM - 2016 :: Practice Set -9

1. Good Conductor: Copper :: Bad conductor: ?
    A. Iron
    B. Aluminium
    C. Wood
    D. Coal
    Answer: C

2. DAM : MAD :: WARD: ?
     A. DWAR
     B. DWOR
     C. DRAW
     D. DROW
     Answer: C

Direction (3-5): In these questions, select the one which is different from the other three responses.

 3.A. Game --   Coach
     B. Drama – Director
     C. Counselling—Couunsellor
     D. Student – Teacher
     Answer: D

4. A.  ACB
    B.  GIH
    C.  MON  
    D.  PQR
    Answer: D

5. A. 515-103
    B. 635-127
    C. 745-149
    D. 856-216
    Answer: D

6. Which one of the following letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
       _OPQ, N_PQ, NO_Q, NOP_
     Answer: C

7. If PREMA is coded as 96731, how can RAMA be written in that code?
     A. 6737
     B. 6131
     C. 9631
     D. 6936
     Answer: B

8. Anil sells two houses at the same prices. On one hemake 10 % loss and Another 10 % profit . Select the correct statement?
     A. He Suffers a loss of 1 %
     B. He makes a profit 1 %
     C. he mades a profit of 2 %
     D. No Profit No loss
     Answer:  A

9. A rectangle measures 8 cm on length. Its diagonal measures 10 cm. what is the perimeter of the rectangular?
    A. 36 cm
    B. 38 cm
    C. 28 cm
    D. 18 cm
    Answer: C

10. How many meters of carpets 63 cm wide will be required to cover the floor of a room 14 m by 9 m?
     A. 200 m
     B. 210 m
     C. 220 m
     D. None of the above
     Answer: A

11. Ram has 6 mangos more than Mohan and 9 mangos more than Sohan. All the three have 33 mangos in all. Ram has a share of
     A. 10
     B. 16
     C. 7
     D. 13
     Answer: B

12. What is the volume in cubic cm of a pyramid whose area of the base is 25 sq cm and height 9 cm?
     A. 105
     B. 90
     C. 60
     D. 75
     Answer: D

13. Shivaji was declared as King in the year
      A. 1664
      B. 1646
      C. 1627
      D. 1674
      Answer: D

14. The study of Fruits is called 
      A. Hhorticulture
      B. Horology
      C. Pomology
      D. Phenology
      Answer: C

15. ‘Sunda Trench’ is situated at
     A. Pacific Ocean
     B. Indian Ocean
     C. Atlantic Ocean
     D. Arctic Ocean
     Answer: B

16. Hizri Era started in
     A. 78 AD
     B. 58 BC
     C. 670 BC
     D. 622 AD
     Answer: D

17. Meenakshi Temple is situated at
    A. Odisha
    B. Madurai
    C. Jaipur
    D. Agra
    Answer: B

18. Which among the following is the smallest?
     A. Atom
     B. Electron
     C. Proton
     D. None of these
     Answer: C

19. Vikram Sarabhai Space centre is Situated at
     A. Hyderabad
     B. Bengaluru
     C. Trombey
     D. Thiruvananthapuram
      Answer: D

20. The wave length of which colour is less?
    A. Violet
    B. Red
    C. Green
    D. Blue
    Answer: B

21. CENVAT is related to
    A. Sales Tax
    B. Customs Duty
    C. Excise Duty
    D. Service Tax
     Answer: C

22. Dry Ice is called
     A. carbon monoxide
     B. dry carbon dioxide
     C. monoxide
     D. para
     Answer: B

23. The Author of the book “The piano Teacher” is
     A. Allen Hollinghraust
     B. Vangari Maathai
     C. Alfred Jelineek
     D. None of these
     Answer : C

24. Maputo is the Capital of
     A. Seychelles
     B. Ghana
     C. Mozambique
     D. Angola
     Answer: C

25. Clouds are found in
     A. ionosphere
     B. troposphere
     C. ozonosphere
     D. None of these
     Answer: B

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