RRB NTPC EXAM- 2016: Practice Set-4

RRB NTPC EXAM- 2016: Practice Set-2
RRB NTPC EXAM- 2016: Practice Set-2
     1.      The Harappa  Civilization was discovered in the year :

A.    1901      
B.    1921      
C.    1935               
D.    1942

2.      The Indus Valley people traded with the ………………

A.    Chinese  
B.    Mesopotamians
C.    Partisans
D.    Romans                 

3.      Purushasukta is founded in the ………………..
    A.   Bhagavad Gita          
    B.   Rigaveda   
    C.  Manusmriti
    D.  Atharvaveda

4.      The literal meaning of the word ARYA is ………..
            A.   Superior               
            B.   Learned     
    C.    Priest
           D.    warrior

5.      The lodi dynasty was founded by ……………………
     A.   Ibrahim Lodi             
     B.   Sikandar Lodi      
     C.   Bahlol Lodi
     D.   Khizr Khan

6.      Who among the following Delhi Sultans is known for introducing market control mechanism?
 A.   Iltutmish                             
 B.   Balban          
 C.  Alauddin Khalji
 D.  Firozshah Tughlaq

7.      Which region of India was ruled by Sultan Zainul Abidin?
      A.   Assam                       
      B.   Delhi         
      C.   Kashmir
             D.   Orissa

8.      Mughal painting flourished during the reign of ………
     A.    Akbar                       
     B.   Jahangir
     C.   shahjahan
     D.   todarmal

9.      Which was the birth place of Guru Nanak?
     A.   Gurdaspur               
     B.   Amritsar  
     C.   Lahore
     D.   Talwandi
10.    What was the first cotton mill in India established ?
      A.  Surat                        
      B.  Mumbai  
      C.  Ahmedabad
      D.  Coimbatore

11.    Indian factory Act was promulgated in …………….
      A. 1861                          
      B. 1887   
      C. 1881                      
      D. 1898

12.    The English introduced Ryotwari settlement in ……………..
      A.  Bengal Presidency    
      B.  Bombay presidency  
      C.  madras presidency
      D.  madras and Bombay presidency

13.    Mundas rose revolt in ……………
      A. 1885                         
B. 1890 
      C. 1888
      D. 1899

14.    Where did the Tebhaga Movement occur in 1946?
      A.  Bihar                        
      B.  Punjab  
      C.  Gujarat                       
      D.  Bengal

15.    Where and when was the Ghadar party founded?
      A.  America, 1913                   
      B.  Denmark, 1921    
      C.  England, 1917              
      D.  Scotland, 1925

16.    who led the salt satyagraha Movement with mahatma Gandhi ?
      A.  annie Besant             
      B.  mridula sarabhai  
      C.  Muthu Lakshmi     
      D.  sarojini nadiu

17.    Th e book ‘Undo this Last ’ which influenced Gandhi was authored by ……………
      A.  Boris Yeltsin            
      B.  John Ruskin 
      C. Pushkin           
      D. Ruskin Bond

18.    Which of the following acts introduced communal electorate in India?
A.    Indian Council Act, 1861
B.    Indian Council Act, 1892
C.    Indian Council Act, 1909
D.    Government of India , 1935

19.    The Indian independence Bill received the Royal Assent on …………….
A.    July 18, 1947
B.    July 19 ,1947
C.    July 20, 1947
D.    July 21, 1947

20.    The first section of the constitutional Assembly was held on :
A.    November 26 , 1946
B.    December 9, 1946
C.    August 16, 1947
D.    January 26, 1948

21.    Which of the following countries have an unwritten Constitution?
     A. USA      
     B. UK                  
     C. India               
     D. Pakistan

      22.  Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of government?
     A.   China    
     B. USA                
     C. Cuba               
     D. Belgium

       23. Which of the following was biggest source for the Constitution of India?
A.    The Government of India Act, 1919
B.    The Government of India Act, 1935
C.    The Indian independence Act, 1947
D.    None of the above

    24. At the time of enactment of the Constitution, which one of the following ideals was not included in the preamble?
     A.  Liberty 
     B. Equality
     C. Socialist
     D. justice

      25. Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with Fundamental Rights?
     A. Part I     
     B. part II     
     C. Part III 
     D. Part IV

      Answers :    1. B   2. C   3. B   4. A   5.C   6. C    7.
                          8. B   9.D   10.B  11.C   12.D 13.14.D  
                         15. A 16.D   17.B  18.C   19.A 20.B   21.B  
                         22. B  23.B   24.C  25.C

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